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who will win? to be more specific transformers from the series "Transformers Armada" ummmm i guess for gundams it will be any series that is around the same time as transformers series

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gundam wing?

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transformers would win

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i forgot to mention good and evil happens to side one another in this battle

note: unicron is not allowed

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I'm too biased against all anime to have a fair opinion so I say trogdor comes and kills them all.

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Apparition says:

"gundam wing?"

I think he means Gundam Wing. I'm sure they would win this, though...

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Hmm...interesting. I think Gundam Wing would win here. The Transformers wouldnt go out like no punks though. This would be a hell of a fight and many will be left looking like a real mess

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people it would be transformers

Optimus would kick wing gundam's (herro's) butt, and with out him the gundam team is going dowm

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which gundam series? the mainstream one, or all the other random ones, like G gundam?

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I suggest limiting this to just Transformers G1 comics and cartoons from the 1980s (classic - well known). Also, let's cleave off a few more size-based complications - no TF characters bigger than the rebuilt Metroplex from the Metrowars. Any characters bigger than that in the Transformers universe would convolute matters, seeing that use of G1 includes parts (if not all of) the Unicron Trilogy and Transformers RID (2001). For the Gundams, UC is probably the comparable option.


For an explanation of the broad span of the G1 continuity (and why I suggested the new limits to the Transformers side), look no further: