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who will win? to be more specific transformers from the series "Transformers Armada" ummmm i guess for gundams it will be any series that is around the same time as transformers series

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gundam wing?

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transformers would win

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i forgot to mention good and evil happens to side one another in this battle

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I'm too biased against all anime to have a fair opinion so I say trogdor comes and kills them all.

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Apparition says:

"gundam wing?"

I think he means Gundam Wing. I'm sure they would win this, though...

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Hmm...interesting. I think Gundam Wing would win here. The Transformers wouldnt go out like no punks though. This would be a hell of a fight and many will be left looking like a real mess

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people it would be transformers

Optimus would kick wing gundam's (herro's) butt, and with out him the gundam team is going dowm

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which gundam series? the mainstream one, or all the other random ones, like G gundam?