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No weapons, no inventions except the armor, the battle takes place at a adbandoned warehouse with a bomb set for three minutes inside. Also Toxn gets a surprise attack on doom. Sorry for so many rules but I'm trying to make it fair.

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Doom still pwns that sorry excuse for a symbiote.

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Toxin is no excuse, I wish that Marvel made better use of him. Dude, Toxin should've been facing challenges like this right after he totally crushed Venom and Carnage, who could have defeated Spidy. Also Spdey's tangled with Doom before and it will not go with a curbstomp if any writer dare writes up a comic where Doom defeats Toxin like a walk in the park he will be sorry he ever did a whim of that story

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Doom wins. Period

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Doom would beat Toxin

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Colt Python says:

"Toxin has no chance at all."

Explain to me then, Colt, why? Fill me in, Colt. You used to do explaining about why you think and why do you this

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