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Tourny round 1

marvelbeast Aliens ( Gladiator, King Hyperion, Martian Manhunter-No T/P, Hyperion, Beta Ray Bill )


joeagentofhand1 Female Warriors ( Big Barda, Maxima, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Sersi )


  • You win by debating for your team.
  • No BFR
  • Fight to death or KO
  • Fight takes place on Merged Marvel & DC earth ( City )
  • If debate comes to a standstill, users are allowed to vote
  • Pre-Flashpoint DC characters
  • Current Marvel characters
  • Make good cases
  • No Prep
  • Standard Gear
  • Morals Off


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So let me start off this battle with my debate. Big Barda is around a 100 tonner and she could take on Hyperion here:





(for some reason the images were not working so here are the links)

In those scans she is taking on Wonder Woman One Million. She literally knocked here out. Now I am no expert on Hyperion, but I know he is on the lower side of the superman like characters. Now if her strength does not impress you let's get into detail about her weapon the omega-rod

Her main weapon is the Mega-Rod, a high-tech device that fires extremely powerful concussive blasts. Barda can use the Mega-Rod to teleport herself or others to any desired location, and it also gives her the ability to manipulate gravitational fields.

King Hyperion is one tough costumer, but he has never shown any defense against TP(to my knowledge). Maxima has TP abilities so I can see her KOing King Hyperion wit that:

Overloads a very advanced alien telepath:

Mentally incapacitates Orion:

After Big Barda deals with Hyperion she helps WW, Donna, and Sersi with Gladiator and BRB. Maxima uses her TP on MM and mentally incapacitates him(much like she did to Orion). While WW, Donna, Sersi, and Big Barda hold off BRB and Gladiator until Maxima arrives to help.

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@jeanroygrant: do I win?

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@joeagentofhand1: yes

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joeagentofhand1 wins