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Round 2 in the tournament!


10 min. of prep.


Win by KO or Death


MGM Grand Casino

Fighters start at each end of the building

Round 2:

Batman vs Black Panther

Wonder Woman vs Joker

Gambit vs Hawkeye

Beast vs Deathstroke

Who wins and why?

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Batman vs Black Panther(To fast and too much for Bat to handle)

Wonder Woman vs Joker(Joker uses setting as advantage and out smarts WW)

Gambit vs Hawkeye(It's in a casino Gambit will charge the holy hell out of everything)

Beast vs Deathstroke(Even though i think this is a close i give the edge to Slade he has weapons and is good enough to keep up with beast)

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Black Panther > Batman. With only 10 minutes of prep, I don't think Bruce can amass the gear needed to take on what Panther typically has with him. They're evenly matched otherwise, but T'challa's vibranium trumps batarangs.

Wonder Woman > Joker. Lol, not with 10 minutes of prep.

Hawkeye > Gambit. Gambit's cool and all but I'll definitely take Hawkeye in a shootout with his standard arrow loadout. I only gave Gambit the win over Punisher because a dark dank jungle sucks for shooters and not for super powered explosive dudes.

Deathstroke > Beast. Outclasses him in most ways in regards to a 1v1 fight.

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@Dredeuced: @LilTweety: Good picks keep um coming

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Batman vs Black Panther (His suit and aggression gets the win)

Wonder Woman vs Joker (WW wins this in .5 of a second)

Gambit vs Hawkeye (One explosive arrow beats 20 exploding cards)

Beast vs Deathstroke (Much better skill and will kill beast quickly)

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Round 3 will be posted at 8am est. So untill then vote away!

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A whole lot of T'Challa love going on these days. I still give it to Batman... He's freaking Batman and he has had greater feats.

Batman/Black Panther

Wonder Woman/Joker



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Gambit vs Hawkeye tiebreaker

p.s. tiebrakers are determined by first reply to topic

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@Dark_Guyver: Thank you

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Black Panther (Faster/stronger than Bats) Wonder Woman (Far superior to unprepared Joker) Gambit (Not totally sure on this one but I think he'd take.) Deathstroke (Beast is fast and agile but Deathstroke is far more the fighter here)

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Black Panther

Wonder Woman



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wonder woman