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Choose winner and who ever wins the most out of each match will move on to round 2


Each fighter gets 45 min. of prep

No morals Bloodlusted

Win by KO or Death


Amazon Jungle

Both fighters start 1 mile away

Round 1

Captain America vs Batman

Black Panther vs Wolverine

Wonder Woman vs Rouge

Joker vs Lex Luther

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

Gambit vs Punisher

Beast vs Daredevil

Nightcrawler vs Deathstroke

Let it Begin!

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Captain America vs Batman(Very close contest but Cap outlast the bats)

Black Panther vs Wolverine(It's the jungle and Panther grew up in the jungle wolverine gets stomped)

Wonder Woman vs Rouge(Already proved)

Joker vs Lex Luther(Jokers agility if you wanna call it that trumps Lex and blows him up)

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow(wasn't too sure about this one but I think Hawkeye get it)

Gambit vs Punisher(Gambits' Mutant abilities are to much for Frank...KABOOM!)

Beast vs Daredevil(Sorry DD but not even close)

Nightcrawler vs Deathstroke(Interesting match up but slade pulls it out)

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winners imo:


2-Black Panther

3-Wonder woman

4-Lex Luthor

5-Green arrow




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@theDCkid: Any reasons For why each of them win?

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Captain America vs Batman (45 mins of prep and better tactics and skill give Bats the win)

Black Panther vs Wolverine (45 mins of prep gives BP the win i mean his armour is insane)

Wonder Woman vs Rouge (Speed, skill, intelligence, aggression, Flight and her sword WW in a stomp)

Joker vs Lex Luther (It's already been seen that Joker outclasses Lex in H2H)

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow (Better H2H and archer)

Gambit vs Punisher (Gambit starts throwing explosive cards and puts Frank into a situation he can't win)

Beast vs Daredevil (Beast based on pure durability)

Nightcrawler vs Deathstroke (DS is the king)

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Batman > Cap. If Batman is actually trying to kill a dude, then with 45 minutes pep I don't see how Cap's gonna be able to stop him. Cap puts up a good fight but Batman is far too smart for him.

Black Panther > Wolverine. Same as above. Too smart, too many resources for a prep master.

Wonder Woman > Rogue. Unless Rogue can get her in a draining lock, I don't see how Rogue has a chance. WW way outclasses Ms Marvel in stats, and her gear like the lasso and tiara would straight up murder Rogue. Deathbattle got this one very wrong.

Lex > Joker. Lex has a giant array of absurd weaponry that he could access in 45 minutes. Joker, while clever, can't compete with Lex's firepower.

Green Arrow > Hawkeye. Similar stats, I believe Arrow has better resources and is a pretty good prepper.

Gambit > Punisher. Gambit blows up the forest, lol.

Beast > Daredevil. Daredevil can't compete with the tech Beast has access to with prep. Even without gear, Beast would outclass Daredevil in a good fight.

Nightcrawler > Deathstroke. Bloodlusted Nightcrawler teleports all his limbs off, or teleport him a mile into the air where he falls to his death. Bloodlusted teleporters are scary.

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10 min. of voting left before round 2!!

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Hawkeye vs GA tiebreaker and Joker vs Lex Luther tiebreaker

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Captain America vs Batman - SImilar Physical stat, but Bruce is way smarter than Rogers, with prep, he could kill Cap.

Black Panther vs Wolverine - Like Batman, BP is an enhanced version of Batman, enhanced in everyway, physical and mental stats...He wins obviously.

Wonder Woman vs Rouge - WW has way faster Combat and reaction speed.

Joker vs Lex Luther - I don't understand why people would started compared him with Joker, Lex is the smartest Man on DC earth, with prep, he could ins against GOD!

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow - Better H2H skills, speed

Gambit vs Punisher - He could wins against Punisher...

Beast vs Daredevil - Faster, Stronger, better and WAY WAY WAY smarter than Matt...

Nightcrawler vs Deathstroke - WAY WAY WAY smarter and stronger, and he has better prep feats

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@Joker13CSC: my reasons:

Bat vs cap- while cap's enhanced speed and strength give him an advantage he still can't go up against the bat's amazing fighting prowess and equipment, the likes of which are superior to his.

Bp vs wolvie- Panthers armour should protect him from any fatals slashes long enough to trump wolverine in h2h.

WW vs Rogue- wonder woman's tiara and lasso allow her to fight rogue at a distance, keeping her safe from rogue's touch.

Lex vs Joker- lex has superior resources, he's much more intelligent and he has dealt with joker before giving him a familiarity advantage.

GA vs hawkeye- green arrow has a wider array of trick arrows and is better at h2h.

Punisher vs Gambit- I wasn't sure on who to pick for this one so I just went with Punisher instinctively.

Beast vs daredevil-beast is stronger faster and way more agile.

Deathstroke vs nightcrawler- Deathstroke is always beating meta-humans, a lot of which surpass nightcrawler imo.

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Captain America vs Batman

Black Panther vs Wolverine

Wonder Woman vs Rouge

Joker vs Lex Luther (Joker beat him twice)

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

Gambit vs Punisher

Beast vs Daredevil

Nightcrawler vs Deathstroke

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Captain America vs Batman- not sure batman gets enough prep to cancel out the super soldier serum

Black Panther vs Wolverine- vibranuim suit ftw

Wonder Woman vs Rouge- to fast, too strong etc.

Joker vs Lex Luther- smarter, more resources, more money etc.

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow- pretty much identical characters. Going with hawkeye for better agility and trained by Cap

Gambit vs Punisher- really tempted to say punisher. one good shot and gambit is dead

Beast vs Daredevil- better physical stats

Nightcrawler vs Deathstroke- slade is too well equipped and too smart