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Tournament Final Round


Fight to the Death

No prep



Fighters start at each end.

Final Round:


To make this battle fair WW is with out lasso. Also WW can not fly and is at 60% power.

Slade gets sword and 2 mini uzis' and has full knowledge of WW. Wonder Woman gets bracelets and sword.

Who wins?

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As unfair as it gets. She is still vastly faster and even with 60% of strength, reasonable speaking, orders of magnitude stronger.

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Diana still stomps. Even though her power was reduced to 60%, she'd still be greatly faster and stronger than Slade.

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Deathstroke stands a 34% chance imo, I think he'll get a few good hits in, but in the end the amazon princess crushes him.

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WW ftw

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No prep and Deathstroke gets obliterated.

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As it stands to reason, one could argue that Diana is a better fighter as Slade anyways. With a sword in which she's used her entire life she would win. H2h, she's obviously got the experience so she wins. Shes more durable, much faster and far stronger. She's overall more powerful
Wonder Woman 10/10

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Still Wonder Woman

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@theDCkid said:

Deathstroke stands a 34% chance imo