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This is H2H only (this means no suit for Tony Stark, no Optic blast for Scott, no weapons for Hawkeye and Gambit, etc)

They start 30 feet apart. Neither team has prep time. All in character.

They fight here

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Ironman solos........spite.

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the Xmen get blitzed, Ironman is fast enough to dance around Spidey

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I'm assuming Tony doesn't get his suit, in which case team two should win.

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Guys, no suit for Tony.

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Gambit Cyclops H2H

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Team 2. Tony is only decent in h2h. He isn't taking a majority over either of team 2 and Clint isn't good enough to make up for it. Gambit's still got his Savate, speed, agility, and reflexes based on the OP by just saying no weapons and Scott alone would give Hawkeye trouble and could arguably beat him as well.

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In order of HTH skills i'd say Gambit>Cyclops>Hawkeye>>>>>Tony Stark

So Team2 wins rather easily.

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Gambit and Cyclops are kinda known for their CQC skills...I know Tony has some training from Cap, but it's hardly his forte, same with Clint.