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Ok, so we've already gone through the whole Tobi thing. He's a demon and does what minor demons do. Most of his showings are vaguely seen through his/its movies Paranormal Activity. But what's really bugging me right now is that 1st Final Fantasy movie dubbed the Spirits Within. Need I remind you that this movie really sucks and the only thing really exciting about this movie is the incredibly insane General that is obsessed wanting to kill the Phantoms. Ha! as if! These "Phantoms" are ghostly like Aliens, but if you comprehend the movie in a deeper perspective, you know that there are two kinds. The Spirit of the Earth and the true Alien Phantom. The movie is really confusing but alas similar to the concepts of Final Fantasy VII's "Mako Lifestream" and JENOVA. Anyway, what if Tobi the demon were to come about this planet Earth filled with Phantoms. Do you suppose he steal all the souls or that the Phantom will scare little Tobi away? 

(Try not to laugh to hard watching this)
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wtf, fucking tobi gay!!

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LMAO @ the Paranormal trailer.

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@demifiend said:
hahahahahahahahha wtf, fucking tobi gay!!
@venomoushatred1001 said:

LMAO @ the Paranormal trailer.


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@demifiend said:
hahahahahahahahha wtf, fucking tobi gay!!
Check your PMs....
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Why do ppl constantly make weird battle threads o-O
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I forgot what the Phantoms were made of in FFSW. Were they spirits? or extraterritorial life forms of energy?