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Batroc was in prison. Again. Stuck in a cell with terrible food, zis is not how the great batroc the Leaper should live! Luckiliy for him, he was going to be free, as some Shield agents walked up to his cell.

Batroc: Zis my time up already? You'll let me out the cage, no?

SHIELD: We will, but on one condition. You must help us catch the terrorist known as Toad. He's part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. His tounge and leaping ability is quite a weapon, which is why we need someone else who's know for leaping.

batroc: Ah, ze leaping part is correct, but I cannot strech my tounge as long as zhat freak. Zee? But I'll do ze job.

SHIELD:Excellent. Our source says that he's alone in New York.

Batroc walked around untill he saw the mutant. He leaped and kicked Toad, causing a panic. Toad contacted Magneto.

Toad: Magneto! I've been spotted!

Magneto: Destroy the one who spotted you and abort mission. Unless you will fail that one too?

Toad: No, master. I won't lose.

Batroc: are zou done talking or are zou ready zo fight.

Toad: Speak normal and perpared to be destroyed!

This is current toad in my Universe, he has the same skills and abilites like in the mainstream, excecpt he's still a member of the Brotherhood. Same with batroc, excecpt for the last part. Who wins?

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