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Who wins and why?

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Bee done many times.

And HotU is a part of TOAA's power.

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what do you not understand about the title of The One Above All?

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TOAA wins because he's God.

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Do Not Use Unbeatable Characters

Simple rule and one that should be obvious as it falls under the spite thread rules, but I'll spell it out so everyone can see it. No more using omnipotent characters. By using characters like TOAA, Bugs Bunny (just cause the fact of his toonforce being ridiculous), Presence (or Over-Monitor whatever), MoM etc, we don't get debates. We get either a stalemate between omnipotent characters, which lacks a debate as they can't do anything to each other, or destroys any other character(s) even if you stack abstracts against them. If you can't feasibly beat a character then don't use it. If you see someone using essentially unbeatable characters like TOAA or ridiculous toonforce capabilities like Bugs Bunny, flag it. Even if the character is created and falls under the category, flag it. These threads offer nothing and clog up the forum.

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The Title says it all......

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Give as many boost as you like , nothing beats the writers.

BTW apologies have to flag the thread as such thread is NOT allowed.

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Everytime I see TOAA in a battle I die a little inside. Just, why?

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TOAA man... TOAA...