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easy win for the titans


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Nightwing, Starfire, Troia, Cyborg, Raven, Jericho, Flash (Wally West), Beast Boy vs. Cyclops, Emma, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Lockheed, Colossus, Beast, and Armor.

This would be close. Raven would automatically sense that Emma is a telepath and strive to take her out first with her soul-self. Nightwing, I think, is a much better tactician than Cyclops. Troia with her Titan powers could fight Colossus but she would have an upper hand. Armor would be stupid enough to fight Jericho and not knowing who he is would be possessed but it would be funny to see that her psionic armor protects her from possession. Emma could morph into diamond form and closeline Flash but Raven would envelop her in her soul-self. Wolverine and Nightwing would probably fight to a a standstill as Beast Boy and Cyclops would do battle. Beast Boy would aggrevate Cyclops until Cyclops would hit Beast Boy with a strong force beam defeating Beast Boy. Starfire and Cyclops would fight and Starfire could fight Cyclops in close combat and would win or they could fight long-range at a standstill. I think it could go either way. What do you guys think.

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how are you picking these teams? lockheed? he's not really worth mentioning... and that's a pretty weak xmen team.

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X-Mena wins!

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Elemental says:

Nightwing, I think, is a much better tactician than Cyclops.
Why because Nightwing has led an elite mutant strikeforce into impossible situations and came out on top. Oh nope thats Cyclops the most hated on yet and underrated X-Man.In all reality if you have been reading X-Men in the last decade you would see that Cyclops is a G.Sorry I chose you to make an example of on behalf of Cyke. On further inspection your comment doesn't even warrant this level of response, but Cyke must not be denied. Droll as he can seem.
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The teams do seem to be pretty unbalenced. Emma Frost and Cyclops seem to be x-mens biggest chance in this battle but against someone who has speed like the Flash I doubt they can pull it off.

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With Flash on their team, the Titans will prevail.

Pretty much before anyone else has formed a thought, Wally can have decapitated them all, including Colossus.

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Okay. I admit the teams are a bit imbalanced. Okay, no Flash and the X-Men are now Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Cannonball, Iceman, Storm, and Colossus in too. This is seems like more of a fight. With Storm, Rogue, Cannonball, and Iceman on the team they stand much more of a chance agains the hardhitters Cyborg, Troia, Starfire, and Raven of the Titans. Nightwing, Jericho, and Beast Boy are not to be taken lightly either same as Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. And Kitty will be most likely dragging Lockheed into this too. Oh, Lockheed isn't worthless. He can fly, is pretty strong for something his size, is very smart and breath fire that can melt steel and he has an empathic connection to Kitty so Kitty can communicate with him in a way. Lockheed can be very dangerous and sly considering Astonishing X-Men #22.

Oh, Rogue has no deathtouch and isn't on the verge of insanity. Still, the Titans would probably win seeing as Troia is pratically a goddess, Nightwing is one of the greatest martial artists and THE best acrobat in the world, Raven is a formidable psi with empathic and teleporting powers not to mention her soul-self, Jericho can take full control of your body by just looking you in the eye, Cyborg has something built inside him for anything and can use the element of surprise to whip out his sonic cannon, Starfire's starbolts are lethal in some cases and she can fly at high speeds and is very strong, and Beast Boy can shape-shift into almost any animal for almost any task. Then again, this might be a tie.

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Cyclops is an excellent leader. But Nightwing is too.

I'm just going to say Titans because of the power, but don't underestimate Cyclops as a leader.

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What about Storm as a leader and in power?

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