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Fight takes place in the Batcave.  
H2H Only.
Morals on. 
Slade is testing Tim's skills here and not fighting to the best of his ability. 
KO Win. 

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The fight goes on as long as Slade wants it to. He should be able to put Tim down whenever he feels like it.

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Really? Slade stomps.

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Yes, he is having training spar with Tim.

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so like the fight in teen titan where dick fights slade, and we all know who won that

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Replace Ra's with Slade, and there you go.
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Slade beats the life out of Tim Drake.

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How is this fair?

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Combat wise, Tim Drake is at the Bottom of all the robins including Damien.

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Slade stomps Drake. This really isn't fair.

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Deathstroke could solo ten of him.

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Since Deathstroke is just testing Tim then this isn't really a fight. If Deathstroke brought his skill down to much that Tim started winning he would just try a little harder and Tim would be losing again. Deathstroke has the advantage of experience, super powers and less stringent morals. The fight would go as Deathstroke wanted and end when he wanted.

Possible exception: Tim uses his superior knowledge of the Batcave to somehow win. I don't know how. Maybe he can say a code phrase that the batcomputer recognizes and then releases super powerful sleeping gas that the bat family is immune to, but Slade isn't. It'd be stupid and not really a real win, but I could see it being written if Deathstroke wasn't really paying attention.

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Add more robins and you got a fight, untill then slades gonna hand tim his ass.