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Greer Grant Nelson AKA Tigra takes on Natasha Romanov AKA Black Widow. No prep and morals apply. Neither is written poorly and, in fact, both are written properly. Fight takes place in New York City and goes on until one is put out of action, though it is not a fight to the death. Who wins? The tigress or the she-spider?

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Probably Tigra better physical prowess and a fairly decent fighter at least good eoungh combined with her physical prowess to handle BW, but I could also make a case for BW aswell so.

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Tigra wins with ease.

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Tigra would probably get the drop on widdow......

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Wow, Tigra actually wins a fight.

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@venomoushatred1001: Right, I think I could make a case for BW, though. I just need a starting distance.

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I think this does depend on starting distance. Can Tigra withstand Natasha'a widow sting?