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Kisame does have Samehada

Tiger Shark is in his mutated form (Its hard to find an actual strength limit so lets say 100 tons)

Battle is at Loch Ness lake so there is plenty of room and cavernous places to hide (no nessie)

Round one - Land fight

Round two - In water

Fight to the death

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Personally I would go with Kisame

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Kisame wins round 1.

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ok normal Tiger shark is a 50 tonner in water and 35 to 40 out of, but the mutation has given him a boost, that has yet to truly measured.

in water, tiger shark is faster, and kisame, has few under water speed feats, in fact overall tiger shark as higher stats, but unlike kisame, he has no ranged attacks, so unless he can close the gap and fast he loses, then there is that damn sword, while charka does not really exists in marvel samehada is formidable weapon non the less, and kisame is far from stupid, so i give thie to Kismae both rounds

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@ghostravage: He's a minor villain, but he was featured in Dark Reign