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  • BFR is allowed
  • Each team has 2 hours of prep
  • Win by death, KO, or BFR
  • Morals are off
  • Fight takes place here on top of the floating island of Manhattan, and can go anywhere after that. One team starts on 1 side of Manhattan, and the other all the way on the other side. They reach here after there done using there prep time.
  • Also everyone make their own battles.

Team: @betatesthighlander1 :

  1. Leader: Vandal Savage
  2. Powerhouse: Lady Death
  3. Powerhouse: Power Woman (Kingdom Come's power Girl)
  4. Brain: The Leader
  5. Misc: Doctor Destiny
  6. Brute: Mangog
  7. Magic user/telepath: Evil Ernie

Team: The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk:

  1. Leader: Donatello K. Davis(Terra Formars)
  2. Brain: Mayuri Kurotsuchi(Bleach)
  3. Powerhouse: - Buuhan(DBZ)
  4. Powerhouse Aizen infused with Hogyoko(Bleach)
  5. Brute: Toguro(Yuyu Hakusho)
  6. Misc: Heidi(Hungry Joker)
  7. Magic: Zenjuro Saotome(Beelzebub)

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Certainly, and also if you could provide some on yours. I looked at what comicvine and some of the wikias had but didn't see much info(at least I think not enough).

Donatello: Human, undergone an operation known as the BUGS Operation. His anatomy was made able to be compatible for changes into an ant/human hybrid. He's near the 10 ton range(it was 9.9 tons). He's basically just physical force as well as the captain of the 2nd mission to destroy evolved cockroaches on Mars.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: He's the captain of the 12th squad and head of the soul society's science center. His bankai releases toxin into the air while he shikai uses a sort of tranquilizer(though you still can feel). He's also good at prep, even with short periods of time. For example he managed to replace all his organs in the short time before the fight with Szyelaporro. He also had shown a serum that slowed time down that would dull the senses of the victim to experience an absurdly long amount of time(can't remember the exact number) in a short period.(So they might as well be frozen in place).

Buuhan: This is a form of Super Buu(that big pink bubble gum looking guy from DBZ) after he absorbs Mystic Gohan. He's broken dimensional barriers by screaming when he was enraged. He also basically makes Goku look like a joke. He also has the kind of regen as the other forms of Buu(being able to reshape/reform from most attacks, including being blown to millions of pieces. He also reforms from planetary explosion) He can also transmutate beings into candy and absorb others. Like all DBZ characters energy manipulation is how he fights.

Aizen w/Hogyoko:(not sure if 'soul crush' works for these matches) If anyone without a strong enough spiritual energy they would be unable to maintain their existence while in his presence(seen as a guy heads towards him and basically disintegrates into nothingness). He also has a vast knowledge of Kido. He's also has regen, such has being able to be put back together when he was cut in half. The people of Soul Society have yet to find an effective way of killing him, so he's held prisoner. His zanpaktou(like a soul sword) has the ability "complete hypnosis", he can basically mess around with people who see his zanpaktous release senses.(He made someone -momo- appear to be him in the soul society's eyes and they all attacked her without even noticing)

Toguro: It would be better for me to show you a video that you could skim through as I don't exactly know how I should word it.

Heidi: He has gravity manipulation. He can remove it or increase it, as well as focusing more gravity on individual parts. This can be used on just about everything and not just people. He can also create black holes.

Zenjuro: He's a spell-master. They use demonic power from contracts to be used in various spell abilities. He has one called spell bind that immobilizes opponents and 'spell master blast', that seems to have the destructive power to at least blow city blocks. Not much has been seen from him really though.(Mostly picked him cause I needed someone with magic and I liked him lol)

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: specific Times for the video would be appreciated (I'm not good at skimming, and don't have the attention span to watch the entire thing right now)

for My characters

Vandal Savage: immortal caveman, has lead campaigns of conquest for about fifty thousand years, very skilled at strategy, combat, science, and some other assowrted skills

Lady Death: once human, now deamon Lady of hell, she has a magic sword called Darkness made to kill demons (and has beeen using it for a little more than a thousand years), Strength appears in the incalculable range, is probably the most skilled magician in Hell

Power Woman: More grown up version of Power Girl from Kingdom Come, think of Superman, but female

The Leader: Like Hulk, but instead of strength the gamma rays increased this guy's mind, one of the best engineers/tinkerers in the MU, this guy can put stuff together pretty fast, and ahs made Robots that bend like rubber, devices that siphon the powers of thers into him, and technologie sthat can increase the gravity on an individual thousands of times more than normal levels

Doctor Destiny: can control peoples' minds and make their fears manifestin the form of dreams(even when they were not previously sleeping)

Mangog: The embodiement of everyone slain in any Asgardian war, he's considerably stronger than Thor, durable enough to tank a Godblast *something that can pierce the armor of a Celestial), and gets more powerful when those around him get more angry

Evil Ernie: doesn't usually suffer from normal physical harm, can bring the dead back as his slaves, strong enough to tear tanks apart, decently skilled magician, hears other peoples' thoughts (whether he wants to ornot)

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Vandal Savage's initial strategy:

Have Doctor destiny subject enemy team to nightmare while power Woman uses her Super Strength, Speed, and Laser Vision to kill them all in the material world, immediately after Death Evil Ernie will bring them back to life as undead soldiers

If Power Woman is incapable of killing any member, Lady Death will use her sword, Darkness, to finish the job.

Mangog will be assigned to Hold off anyone who cannot be controlled for the neceserry amount of time by Doctor Destiny,

Leader is to spend the two hours of prep building lasers, portals to alternaet universes, and anti-psychic harnesses: as well as killing enough New Yorkers to Give EVil Ernie a decentyly sized armt

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@betatesthighlander1: I'll go through it and try to get time-stops. Could you go into Lady Death and Doctor Destiny some more?

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9:25(Some destructive abilities of him near his regular state), 11:20-15:36(Some of his lower endurance) 11:33(kind of like bullets made of air) 37:35(him sucking in the souls of the demons in the audience)52:36(some of his speed)

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Lady Death is the woman who through Satan out of hell. her power comes, in part from her desire, in part from her honing of her skills for over a thousand years, and in part from her heritage. her Mother is part of an Angelic line, WHile her father is the 666th (I know, just roll with me here) evil Wizard from a line descended directly from lilith, the conflicting forces make her supernatural power immense (enough to fight Hell-Lords, break planets, kill Gods). She has a sword, darkness, made by Cremator (apparently one of hell's top Blacksmiths) with the purpose of killing Deamons in kind. her magics allow control of her envirenmnet (in Hell she was able to transform the local geography at will) and generic energy-blasts (powerful enough to knock out entire dimensions if she's really devoted). she also has a Deamon Horse and two nameless wolves. the wolves are pretty cool

Doctor destiny is a guy who can control peoples' minds. he does this by mystical means (over the years he has collected several artifacts allowing him to do so) and can amke people do pretty much whatever he wants (once held up a diner for 24 hours while he had the patron kill, rape, and torture each other,; occasionally breaking so that they cpould all sit down and listen to him tell a story) he can also subject people to nighmarich worlds (in their own minds) wherin their deeepest fears manifest

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@betatesthighlander1Okay then, just wondering, but how would your team handle being sucked in by a black hole? Or Buuhan destroying the planet or turning them into candy? Aizen could also show them his release and have them fight each other thinking that they are the enemy.

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The Leader could probably come up with some cintrived Anti-Black Hole device

destroying the planet should wipe out mioost of your ememebrs, While Power Woman, Mangog, and Lady Death should still be alive on my team

Power Woman's super speed and X-Ray vision should allow her to locate your team first, so I'm seeing Doctor Destiny should be able to do his mind-screwery first.

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@betatesthighlander1: Mayuri could take them to Hueco Mundo or the Soul Society while Buuhan did that. Given the things Mayuri has done he should be able to alter their minds so they would be unaffacted.(He's made serums that have regenerated parts of his body, slowed down the perceptions of the mind, turned his body into a goo form for recovery process and stop the mind from being able to control the body. Something to prevent intruding into their minds should be easy enough for him.) Buu could also cut a piece of himself off and use it to get near your guys and absorb him like Buu did to Gotenks. If Power Woman were to get near Aizen or Mayuri she would get 'soul crushed' as her soul wouldn't be able to handle their spiritual pressure. And that's even if she can see them, they are spirits after all. And as for the destruction play-out, out of the remaining i don't think they would have the ability to take down Buuhan.

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I think Leader should be able to work out stupidly specific medicines as faast as creep-face scientist deamon

Power WOman should be able to just melt them withe her laser vision

even if she couldn't, :ady Death's soul is rediculously strong, she should be able to get near and kill them

again, what will Buuhan do against Doctor Destiny?

also, I think Mangog should be strong enough to at least stand up against Buuhan

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@betatesthighlander1: I don't know the limits of Doctor Destiny(you didn't mention much) but mind control via Babidi didn't work on the Fat Buu, so he does have resistance to being controlled like that. He also hasn't seemed to show any actual fears. He could turn him into candy or absorb by a skin wrap. Can Power Woman see spirits?Even so, Aizen will just reform because of the Hogyoko. What can Lady Death's weapons do?(Legitimate question on what they actually do, not a "they can't hurt my team" response.) Buuhan again could absorb Mangog via cany/skin wrap. He could also wear him down to the point of exhaustion(can Mangog become exhausted?).

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babbiddi never had mind control, he just treicked/had previous loyalties from fat Buu

Doctor Destiny has, on multiple occasions, mind-controlled the entir Justice league

Lady Death's weapons have killed Gods, deamons and the like with the blade. they also are a source of, and channel, mystic energies

Mongog doesn't really besome exhausted, as a battle goes on his strength generally increases; that being said, what's to stop him form pulling a Fat kai when buu tries t absorb him?

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@betatesthighlander1: Babidi used mind-control on Dabura, the 2 Earthlings, Pui Pui. If Bibidi's and Babidi's mind control had worked on him then there would be no reason to have the bribes of snacks/candy. The Supreme Kai of the North shredded a skin-type absorbtion, and even then Buu just reformed like always. The only reason Fat Buu listened to Babidi is because he didn't want to be stuck in the ball again. He can still turn Mangog into candy.

Besides Lady Death and maybe Evil Ernie(he hasn't been brought into this conversation so i'm kind of unaware of what he is), can any of them see spirits? If not then it's just a fight between Mayuri + Aizen vs Lady Death. (Is there anything the weapons she uses do that are special? Or are they just weapons?)

How can The Leader be prepared for something he doesn't know exists? By depending on the answer if they can see them or not, he isn't even aware of Aizen and Mayuri because you were using Power Woman as a scout.

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Babbidi never mond controlled Dabura, and those two human's seemed loyal more than controlled

Power Woman should bea ble to see spirrits, as should mangog

Lady Death's weapons aren't like Zanpaku-to where they turn into metal snnkaes or summon a thousand rose-pedal blades, r bend in two places; their pretty standard as far as mystical weapons go

I don't geuss that the Leader could prepare for something he wasn't aware of (although, I can only assume he'll be able to whip something up in the two hours of prep, especially under vandal Savage's cautious leadership), but DD should be able to senze their minds

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Babidi did have them under his mind control, notice the "M" on their heads. It appears on the people he controls with his mind. Can be seen with Vegeta. The Supreme Kai also goes to state this.(Trying to get scans, but my computer is being annoying at the moment, will post them when I can)

Edit:(found what I was looking for)

Then I have these showing it was a mental assault:^

Do you have anything to support that Power Woman can?

There are so many variations of things that can be 'mystical', and they can vastly differ.

Aizen also invented a thing called a "Negation Box". It's used by the arrancars to punish their subordinates by imprisoning them in another dimension. As well as a cloak that can conceal the user from sight.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: arte4 we still really sure that Babidi even tried to control Buu, or just presumed that he could becasue Buu was created by his dad?

also, his telepathy wqas at a level that vegeta could resist

Power WOman has the same Kryptonian powerset as Superman, so she should eb able to dupolicate the soul-observing feat

what kind of limts are on the negation box (the fact that they don't just use it on everybody suggests that it's weird about all that)

also, Lady Death has access to the Nexus of All Things, so she shoujld be able to excape frim linmos

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Nice read

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@betatesthighlander1: yah, was never saying Babidi had control near Doctor Destiny, was just using it to show that he had some resistance.

The negation box only uses it on people with low spiritual power, if they had enough(around espada level reiti) they could eventually break out. Grimmjow in that scan was only using it as a temporary removal so he could fight Ichigo. As he says it would only hold Ulquiorra for 2-3 hours.

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Well, I think Doctor destiny would prbably be able to disctract most of anime team long enough to have the rest Kill them where they stand

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@betatesthighlander1: I also see a problem with using Power Woman as a scout. You sent her by herself to get information on my team. What's stopping my team from noticing her? She could be sealed in the negation box or taken down via Buuhan. Mayuri with prep should be able to make something that stops anything from messing with their minds.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: Power WOman's microsopi/telescopic/x-ray vision should allow her to scout from a safe distance

I don't rememebr the captain with the wierd aht ever whipping something like that up in two hours

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@betatesthighlander1: Well, you're talking about man who managed to replace all his organs in the short time Syzyelaporro was fighting. And it wasn't even near an hour either.

That being said, he could use the bacteria on animals around the city and use those as spys.

Edit: Should also mention Aizen does have a form of teleportation.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: guy always seemed like more of a physical doctor than any sort of psychic

also, I geuss I coulf just have Power WOman kill all of the people in New York with laser vision and Evil Ernie bring them back as his army

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Ah, forgot morals were off. Hedi makes black holes to keep The Leader preoccupied. Aizen then pays your team a little visit and 'soul crushes' them(Power Woman, Vandal Savage, Doctor Destiny and The Leader. Not sure about Mangog and Evil Ernie). Buuhan finishes the job by turning the remaining into Candy.

Heidi's black-holes:

Aizens Soul Crush:

8:13-8:22, shows him being able to teleport

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: Mangog has a rediculous amount of soul, as does Ernie

Vandal Savage has shown some pretty decent feats against psychic powers and the like

Doctgor destiny has powers over spirit (gain, I could totally see him just mindscrewing everyone at the begginning of the fight, unless you can tell me why your team would have the first strike

The leader has shown psychic abilities

which pretty much just leaves PW, who's speed should save her (I'm not entirely sure how "sould crush" works)

the black holes were impressive, but aren't going to take down PW or Mangog (or really Lady Death for that matter, and I could see Leader coming upmwith something to counter them)

again, I think my team's gonna be making the first strike, so, unless you could tell me why yours would be able to hit first, I see mine winning

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@betatesthighlander1: Well, for Buuhan(he is dragonball z), it's mostly accepted they go at speeds faster than light. I also don't see a way that your team having the means to actually kill him.

Aizen is teleporting in, so I can't see how you would be able to out-speed something like that. And his 'soul crush' isn't a psychic ability or anything. Peoples souls just aren't able to withstand his and thus collapse. It's not physical, it's spiritual. As soon as he were to appear next to them they'd die just because of his presence.

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I could see Power WOman desintegrating him with her laser vision/throwing him into the sun (Mangog could probably do that as well) Lady Death's Sword would prorobably be able to wound him, Leader could probably manage some kinda BFR machine, or Doctor Destiny could just trap the guy in a nightmare

as for the soul-crush thing; Lady Death has and EVil Ernie have withstood attacks like that from a variety of enemies

also, mangog is made form millions of angry sould, so he should counteract that

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@betatesthighlander1: Buuhan would just reform from it(he has reformed from being vaporized), not to mention while she would try to do that he can move out of the way. Them being turned into candy by him still stands. The Leader would be down because of Aizens 'soul crush'.

That would mean it was Lady Death, Evil Ernie and Mangog vs my team.

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no Buu can only reform if he has some of his body left, or how did the Genki Dama kill Kid Buu? anyways, Leader could work out all of his stuff in the two hours of prepe beforehand. Buuhan only turned one person into candy, and that person kept all of their powers and intelligence.

anyways, your presuming Aizen would mamange a soul crush befor DD got to him

also, Evil Ernie ocul bring back the soulcrushed as obieident, physically superior, totally undamaged zombies (his undead hordes retain most of the skill that they had in life, can talk, drive tanks, and are generally competent) so tehre's that

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also, I'm not seeing anything about "Soul Crush" on the wikia, if it works how power usualy works in Bleach, Than Mangog should have bothe Bleach characters knocked out smply by being there

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You're going to need to completely atomize him, and again he can avoid it. Everyone else who was turned into candy didn't, Vegito retaining his power was purely for comedy relief(something like that never occurred again).

How far are Doctor Destiny's range?

Evil Ernie can be turned into candy/absorbed/killed by Buuhan.(you also aren't going to be able to BFR Buuhan, as he can tare walls in dimensions to escape from.)

He can also sense the life-force of other beings, in his previous form he was able to calculate where and how many people there was on Earth and then killed them all. I could see him doing something like this from far away to some of the members on your team.(All he would require for some of them is a little more energy put into it, and seeing as he has time in prep he could certainly do this)

Also, about the soul crush, it's not how many there are that matter, it's how strong the actual soul is. And from what you said about Mangog, he seems to be the embodiment of many souls, not one solid strong one.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: the entire candy attacck gag was comic releif

we do know that

* Buuhan only turned one guy into candy (all others were transfromed by another version of buu, so the eveidence seems to suggest that Buuhan, for whataver reason, can't do the candy-thing right)

*It didn't really impede said candy person at all

Doctor destiny seems to be able to project noghtmares from one side of the country to another

Buuhan could probably be killed by getting teleported to say, ythe core of the sun or a blackhole

you remember Chouzu? the least impressive of all the Z-GFighters? he was able to dodge that blast, so i think Power WOman should be able to block it for the team

Mangog is a gestalt entity made form millions of dead sould combined into a singal being

again, when is Soul Crush ever explained in Bleach?

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@betatesthighlander1: Soul crush is never thoroughly explained, it just shows that whenever one being has an exceedingly powerful spirit the people who have considerably less are crushed under their souls pressure.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: are you talking about the strategy Zaraki used against...[pretty much everyoine Zaraki has ever fought

yeah, With That in play, mangog and Lady Death should ctush the Blerach characters in accident

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@betatesthighlander1: Kind of like that, except Ichigo wasn't put down by it.

The Hogyoko would just adjust Aizen to it.(It won't allow Aizen to die and will adapt him to situation. As seen when Ichigo cuts him in half and Aizen turns into a form similar to where Ichigo was.)

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@betatesthighlander1: No, it took a specially designed kido from Kisuke Urahara just to get him to the point where he could be captured. Besides that the Hogyoko would just keep adapting Aizen.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: does it have any Apparent upper limits?

what if Lady Death threw him into hell, or Mangog hit him hard enough to wreck Earth, or Leader disintegrated him?

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@betatesthighlander1:I don't see why he couldn't just go back to the Earth or Hueco Mundo, or the Soul Society.(he can open paths to get there) Mangog hitting him is still a way to try to kill him, the Hogyoko would just revive him and make it so he'd be ready for the next. It makes his desires a reality.(When he was fighting Ichigo it kept enhancing him because he wanted to be stronger and transcend Shinigami and Hollows).

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anyways, I'm going to have to ask, would he survive...

* a BFR to Hell

* a BFR to the negginning of the Universe

* trapped in an anedlees nightmare

* trapped in an endless dream (without realizing that he was dreaming)

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@betatesthighlander1: He can open up a way back to Earth without the Hogyoko. As I said, it grants him his desires(It granted Orihime and Chad powers because they hated not having any to help). If he had a desire for the nightmare to end then it would do so. The endless dream might work. And, since there is prep time and they are given basic info on the other team, he could desire to not be effected by telepathy. As well as going to Hueco Mundo and making hollows there into Espada/Arrancar levels and bringing them back to fight. But there are others in my team who they are going to be busy with.

Toguro can suck in peoples souls. Buuhan is still going about with speedblitz absorbtion. Saotome can immobilize people.

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you ahve a no limits reality warper on your team? you do realize we're not supposed to have a Powwerhouse more powerful than Silver Surfer

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@betatesthighlander1: It does have its limits, or else he would have demolished Ichigo to begin with. Its slow to change stuff(it takes some time, that's why he was changing throughout their fight. If it was instantaneous then he wouldn't have been getting completely outmatched until Ichigo used mugetsu, having Aizen change to a state similar to him. That's why I stated he could do that in the prep time.) He's also slower than the Silver Surfer.

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Just a pet peeve of mine, but

@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk said:

Buuhan: Like all DBZ characters energy manipulation is how he fights.

noo, DBZ characters are martial artists not star ships, Buu is in fact one of the only characters who is dependant on energy manipulation (as well as other kinds).

But of course Buu's physically strong enough in his normal form to beat anything below SSJ3.

carry on