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  • ThunderGodsWrath VS BackFlip


Fight takes place here, the Savage Land ! The dinosaurs, and creatures are still there. So your team will have to worry about their opponents, and them ! Although the residents living their, are not.

  • If you opponent doesn't show anytime, and you make at least 1 post than the win is yours.
  • You get 2 hours of prep to prep against the opposing team. You get basic knowledge on the other team. Like for example lets say Thor. You would know that Thor has weather manipulation, super strength, and can fly. That's your basic knowledge you get on him. You wouldn't know stuff like Thor being able to teleport, absorb energy, or control the earth. Don't make them bring anything to the battle if they wouldn't be able to get it in 2 hours. Like for example saying Hank Pym can make a next Ultron in 2 hours is incorrect.
  • Everyone make their own battles.
  • You do not have to keep the same prep equipment you had in round 1. I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP THE SAME PREP EQUIPMENT YOU HAD IN ROUND 1 !




  1. Leader-Nightcrawler
  2. Powerhouse-Thor
  3. Powerhouse-Monica Rambeau
  4. Brain-Magneto
  5. Brute-Classic Drax The Destroyer
  6. Misc-Sersi
  7. Telepath-Exodus


  1. Leader - Reed Richards
  2. Powerhouse - Cyclops (Phoenix Force)
  3. Powerhouse - Morg
  4. Brain - Captain Britain (w/ Excalibur)
  5. Misc - Quasar
  6. Brute - Orion w/ Motherbox/Astro Harness
  7. Telepath - Shaman X-Man

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Go backflip! woo!

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This should be good

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I'll need some time.

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Okay i'll start with what i'll do with my prep.

First i'll start off with what my team will do with 2 hours of prep.

Thor will start off by teleporting to Asgard to grab the Odinsword, and his special amour. Not to mention his standard weapon Mjolnir. The Odinsword can cut through almost anything. It was used to cut up Cul's Midgard Serpent for, and chop Celestials arms off. So it is going to be able to slice through anything your team has. So basically engaging Thor in close quarters is a bad idea.

uncle Cul. Thor defeats him, but dies in doing so, due to the prophecy. The Odinsword easily cuts through Cul.

Right to left. Websites uploading is wrong.

Odinsword is powerful.

Oh, and he can get his space amour.

Nightcrawler will teleport for his two swords, and obtain them.

That's all I need for prep. Your turn.

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@thundergodswrath Okay nicely done.

My Prep

Firstly, Reed is going to head to the Baxter Building and stock up on a variety of weapons. (Ultimate Nullifier, Grade 4 Laser Cannon, Stun Gun etc)

Meanwhile, Captain Britain will take the team to the Starlight Citadel, visiting Roma, Guardian of the Omniverse. From here, they'll learn all they can about the opposing team, after all, she is omniscient so if anyone is in a position to fill them in, then it's her.

Additionally, X-Man will stop over at the Academy/Utopia and collect the wireless Cerebra's that the Cuckoo's often use.

Anyway, aside from that, Captain Britain recognizing the direness of the situation ahead of him, transports to Earth 666 to collect the Orb of Necromancy and much like Horace'M he'll proceed to resurrect much of his wayward Corp that were decimated by Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury previously. So amped by the many hundreds of fallen warriors who sit just below Captain Britain in power, my team will be ready to oppose ThundergodsWrath's assembly.

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Tthis should be good

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At first i was like, TGW got this, then I saw Backflips team and was like, guddam ...... You better put up a real good argument, jeanroygrant....

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@ancient_0f_days said:

At first i was like, TGW got this, then I saw Backflips team and was like, guddam ...... You better put up a real good argument, jeanroygrant....

Yeah, i'm at a pretty big disadvantage, but I shall pull through.