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for thunderbolts its the new team red hulk,venom(flash),elektra,punisher,deadpool

1st round: is thunderbolts vs wolverine,psylocke,fantomex,archangel both teams get 1 hour prep and all have standard equipment no bloodlust it takes place at Yellowstone national park but deadpool is not in this fight

2nd round: the thunderbolts have 5 hours prep after they get there mission and it is too take down the uncanny x force everyone has standard equipment x force have no prep takes place in a Walmart but this time x force has nightcrawler and bolts get deadpool back

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Isn't Fantomex like extremly powerful?

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thunderbolts, both rounds.

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Does anyone on T-Bolts have resistance to TP (besides Deadpool and maybe Red Hulk) or Fantomex's misdirection?

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The X-Force have better teamwork, it still will be tough to beat the Thunderbolts.