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ThunderBolts Battle scene


-They aren't familiar each other

-I'm using the members of the pictures (less Amanda Waller)

-Norman osborn before got powers

-The teams have acess to their basic weapons


-No prep and no help

-Morals off,bloodlust

-Wins by death or incapacitation

Location:Suicide Slum

Welcome to Suicide
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Radioactive Man solos.

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@CosmicSpiral: I don't think so..The General can handle him and Vertigo can disorienting the entire team

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The General is in this fight? Yeeeesh...

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@matchesmalone21: List the characters who are participating in the battle then.

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@CosmicSpiral:I'm using the members of the pictures of tHunderbolts and Suicide Squad (less Amanda Waller)

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@matchesmalone21: Yes, but it's in bad taste to ask posters to decipher it for themselves.

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@CosmicSpiral: OK


Green Goblin (before got powers)


Radioactive Man

Venom (Mac Gargan)

Songbird (Before being upgrade)



and the guy on the center (I forgot his ame)

Suicide Squad


Captain Boomerang II

Count Vertigo



Bronze Tiger

The General


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Isn't the General the guy who gives Superman a hard time in a brawl?

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@matchesmalone21: Guy in the center used to be Speedball, then he turned into Penance.

I still think that Radioactive Man and Moonstone combined can take the General out of the battlefield. The discrepancy in power levels within the Suicide Squad is way higher than within the Thunderbolts, and frankly the majority of the Squad would have problems with Venom alone.

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@royale_with_cheese: yes

@CosmicSpiral: How?? General can't die and can't being knocked out (thanks to his regenerative powers)??

Suicide Squad has 4 thougth members the General,Plastique,Multiplex and Count Vertigo.

Count Vertigo on the front line, his powers work in physical level, none of the members can resist it. Plastique can project explosive force from her body,so Venom out. Multiplex can flight,has unlimite bio fission and Superhuman Strength,he can make inumerous copies with superhuman strength to outclass the enemies. The last and more dangerous The General can whistand any types of attack,one time he was throw at the Sun and survive,he can't die.

We also have boomerang and Deadshot, who are on a par with Bullseye and Boomerang has superspeed,since he is a member of allen family

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@matchesmalone21: General can't die, but he can be incapacitated. If Moonstone chooses to trap him in a singularity he can't do anything about it. The Shaggy Man was never particularly fast and he certainly couldn't fly.

Court Vertigo on the front line is a really bad idea. He doesn't have superhuman speed, superhuman durability, superhuman strength, or anything that allows him to survive as a primary target. He can disorientate his opponents but so can Radioactive Man, and putting himself there puts him at risk of being sniped by the likes of Bullseye.

Radioactive Man uses all of Multiplex's faces to clean the floor. RM can tussle with Thor and create shields strong enough to handle Mjolnir. Barring that he can hypnotize Multiplex and make him jump off a building. Barring that he can expose Multiplex to lethal radiation and replicate the same effects as Count Vertigo.

Explosive force =/= intense heat or extreme sonic blast. Venom will be shaken and that's about it.

Boomerang has super-speed because he is descended from a Thawne. His super-speed is limited to bursts.

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the thunderbolts. i think the SS has alot of dead weight in bane and BT.vertigo is squishy and unless he can effect a large group at once he is a non factor.

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@CosmicSpiral: NO BRF OPS says

Actually not a bad idea, it would come already using his powers on the enemy team and nobody could get up and concentrate to use their powers and equipments (yes his powers,also work on equipments),giving his team a chance to attack and also he can fly,

The combination of Deadshot and Boomerang ends up with half the team,they are on a par with Bullseye in a matter of sight and they have many deadly weapons,Boomerang will throw the gas,gravity or explosives boomerangs i superspeed at them, I believe that most members would not survive this and Deadshot always carries several combs bullet to his wrist guns.

Now imagine Multiplxe cretating numerous copies and using Owen's boomerangs

Suicide also has Bronze Tiger and Bane,who can take Bullseye and Swordsman out.

Sorry Thawne family

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No bfr oh.......Hard time for the Thunderbolts since General Eiling is in the team o.o.

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Awesome, this is a ridiculously deadly Squad lineup as long as The General's not betraying them. Vertigo makes the opposing team fail miserably (Bullseye in particular), Deadshot w/ incendiary rounds and/or Plastique can take down Venom, Bane breaks Swordsman, Digger kills Songbird, Multiplex smacks Penance around, The General decimates Radioactive Man (as much as I love him and hate General E.), Bronze Tiger can attack a pressure point on Norman to incap him, maybe even doing the same to Moonstone.

Overall, Moonstone is the biggest threat to the Squad team if she's still mobile after Vertigo's attack. And yes, Vertigo can hit a wide range of targets with it:

^It's hit through surveillance systems and long-range before too. Poor guy just gets jobbed a lot in other comics.

General has given multiple Justice League members trouble at the same time before. T-Bolts won't be able to contain him amidst the pandemonium and dizziness.

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General Eiling solos...

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Suicide Squad

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@CosmicSpiral: OK


Green Goblin (before got powers)

the guy on the center (I forgot his ame)

Just to clarify, do you mean pre-Green Goblin Osborn, or pre-adaptoid augmentation? Because as long as he's been the Goblin, he's had powers.

BTW, the guy in the center is Penance, aka Robbie Baldwin, aka Speedball.

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Speedball ain't hay, but the General is pretty much beyond the Thunderbolts ability to put down and makes this a spite fight.

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I'm less familiar with the Squad, but based on what I can find,

Round 1.

Penance takes out Vertigo with a hulk-level wall of force.

The General is tied up with Venom for a while, but finally ends up crushing Gargan's skull.

Radioactive Man takes out Multiplex fairly handily.

Bane breaks the Swordsman.

Bullseye and Deadshot take each other out simultaneously. A bullet to the neck, and a sai to the eye.

Moonstone takes down Plastique, hard.

Sonbird is taken off guard by Boomerang's speed and is felled.

Osborn, as the Green Goblin just proves to be too much for Bronze Tiger.

Round 2.

The General, Bane, and Captain Boomerang vs. Penance, Radioactive Man, Moonstone, and Green Goblin.

Penance unleashes another force wave, clearing Bane and Boomerang from the board, but the General is relatively unscathed. As the Thunderbolt's pour it on, attempting to overwhelm the General, he dispatches them one by one. Then, he finds himself being overwhelmed by a black mass, as the Venom symbiote attempts to bond with him.

Winner, the Suicide Squad via Shaggy Man. 8/10

Loser, DC universe, as the Venom symbiote controlled Shaggy Man runs loose. (Note, I'm only assuming that the Symbiote will be steering due to the Generals vulnerability to hypnosis.)

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@dwrathborne: If the Venom Symbiote takes over The General, technically that's a Thunderbolts win because Venom's the one in control.

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Thunderbolts.. more powerful

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SS for the most part.

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SS ftw

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@hyperlight said:

Thunderbolts.. more powerful

Nooooooo they are not. General Eiling can probably solo.

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@nickthedevil: well overall they do. Gotta do research on general eiling