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The Exiles (the team that included Thunderbird in the beginning) is send to the 616 verse during the WWHulk event. The tallus tells the team it has to defeat Hulk in 3 hours or he will turn into a giant gamma bomb that destroys the planet and kills everybody including the Exiles. Only minutes after arriving Hulk appears and thunderclaps everybody unconscious except Thunderbird. Can John defeat Hulk and defend the pregnant Nocturne (pregnant with his kid) and the rest of the world from the wrath of the Hulk?


Morals apply.

No bloodlust...well no more then usual.

For TB to the death for Hulk all regular means like K.O. or BFR.

Takes place in a dessert.

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Hmmmm i will give it one more "bump" try.....hopefully there is anybody out there who knows Thunderbird......

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From what I've seen of thunderbird he has a very good chance of winning,if he looses control.