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Juggernaut, Hulk, and Doomsday clap their hands as hard as they can. VS Banshee, Siren, and Black Bolts' Vocals.

The two teams are precisely 12 feet across from eachother. Which team wins by knock out or BFR?

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Supersonic yells would not really work, your yelling faster than sound, so no sound comes out.

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Couldn't Black Bolt possibly kill everyone here by yelling?

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Richard Sheppard said:
"Couldn't Black Bolt possibly kill everyone here by yelling?"

not kill but he could injure them. WWH destroyed BB
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bfr goes to the 2nd team. they can yell faster than the big guys can clap

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Wasn't That Black Bolt a Skrull?

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Black Bolt would kill his team and theirs. Well maybe Hulk and Juggs would survive and Doomsday would come back to life later, but his own team would die.

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lol, how about writing a setup for this battle perfect cell.  I would like to know why they lined up and decided to do this.

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Yelling wins. But i see clapping worse

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oldmagic said:
"Yelling wins. But i see clapping worse"
i think the yells could be directed, but the claps would create shockwaves all over the place causing more havok on an area
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Um the vocals would win....