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Welcome fans of the old Holy Shonen Trinity and the new Big 3

Ichigo v. Toriko
Neji v. Teppei
Coco v. Magellan
  1. Two Heavenly Kings, one Saiseya and a whole lot of others.
  2. Each match is separated into its own 'zones' so it is limited to one-on-one as in the pictures.
  3. Every fight will be held in the hyperbolic time chamber of DBZ fame.
  4. Limited to manga feats for all
  5. Everyone is in character during the fights and will start in base form
  6. Equivalency is on which means that they won't be using haki, intimidation or reiatsu crush. Also Neji can use chakra disruption on Teppei
  7. Starting distance Fifty Yards
  8. Win clause: incapacitation or death

Round 1: Equal Stats

Round 2: Latest Upgrades

Round 3: 3 vs 3

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Toriko characters vs anyone in the HST that isn't top tier character in there respective verse is spite.

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Round 1: Not entirely sure. I feel like Neji could potentially win with equal stats, not that sure with him though. Still waiting on what Ichigo can do now(curse you and your trolling Kubo!). But, even with equal stats, Toriko should get the win. Ultimate Routine with shield and long range attacks should be enough. I have no idea what to make of Magellan vs Coco, I love Magellan too much to want to let him lose lol. However, if Coco's poison manages to find a way to get a poison Magellan isn't perfectly fine with, then he should win. Either that or whoever wins after a fist fight.

Round 2: I assume not equal stats? Toriko-verse wrecks house.

Round 3: Toriko verse should still win.

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