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Random meeting,no bfr,no morals. Start 1 mile apart on the moon. Pre 52 dc.



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Tough match up. No morals Thor and SS are a duo to fear.

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Team 1 wins with no morals.

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Team two should win. Majestic is just too fast, too strong, and too skilled.

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I'm not a Cyborg Superman expert, but isn't a good portion of his power based on tech? If so, Silver Surfer's Achilles heel has always been tech.

Notwithstanding my lack of real knowledge concerning Hank Hinshaw, one has to wonder if Surfer can overcome what is traditionally his weakness: tech.

I lean slightly toward team DC.

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Silver Surfer and Thor, Thor just has to keep one busy until Silver Surfer kills the other one.

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Team 2.

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@XiiX said:


I love the contribution you've made to this thread after bumping it from it's two week slumber!