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Gimli gets his axe,Thorin gets Orcrist.

They start 10 feet apart in a open field both are bloodlusted.

Win by death.

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Thorin owns, did you see how badass and sexy he was when he stood up to the Pale Orc? I mean he got tossed around after the stare down, but yunno...

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Thorin, he's far more agile with orcrist and would kill gimli without him even landing a blow

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Maybe Thorin.

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Isn't Gimli like the mightiest Dwarf ever?

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gimli seemed to handle fodder better than thoring, but we dont get to see him fight anyone noteworthy 1on1 in the movies. I havent read the books so I dunno if theres anything from it. I would say gimli though

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Thorin in a food fight.

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Gimli's fodder = Uruk-Hai. Thorin's fodder = regular orcs.

Gimli 8/10.

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Let's just think about this: Gimli was graced by Gladriel herself AND was licensed to pass into the West. That's kind of a big deal. Not that his reputation would earn him a victory in battle, but it's an important peripheral note.

I think Gimli's warrior-like faction has been demonstrated more than Thorin's ever was. Thorin had a more notable story by slaying Azog, but Gimli bested Legolas—a godamn Elven prince warrior badass—by one in a Uruk-slay count (43 to 42). Uruks are formidably tougher, stronger, and smarter than the goblins that Thorin fought. We should note that Azog may have been over-rated in the theatrical adaption to his character, too.