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  • Random encounter
  • Start 50 ft apart
  • Standard equipment for all
  • The twins can use Devil trigger
  • Morals off
  • Bloodlusted
  • Fight till K.O. or Death

Location: Apokalips Colosseum

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Thor solos

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@IZZR said:


What counts as standard equipment for Dante? Also, which version? The fan art you posted is of DMC 3 Dante, and if that's the version, the twins get stomped hard. If it's DMC 2 Dante they definitely stand a chance. Also, special abilities. Does Dante have access to all his styles? Does Vergil have access to his style, does Vergil have access to his mission 20 boss abilities. Is this DMC 3 Vergil, or is this Corrupted Vergil, aka Nero Angelo?

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Erm let's say he has Pandora's box, his Granade launcher, rebellion and ebony n ivory and it's dmc4 Dante and the most powerful Vergil incarnation.

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Thor wins. He's survived 20 planets, taken Silver Surfer to the face on his own, his hammer made up of a dying star ((which I think can really hurt Dante and Vergil)) to the point, the half demons have their ribs broke. Adding World War Hulk is slaughter.

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Team Capcom.