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I'm thinking the Thor who was for most of his own movie, de-powered, against Bruce Wayne, say from the first part of "batman begins". Most people will say Bruce Wayne, coz he is the best martial artist in the world, bla, bla, bla, but I was well impressed with how Thor took out all those elite Shield bodyguards when making his way to Mjolnir in the Thor movie, particularly that last brute of a bloke that he beat up badly. He has spent a lifetime being a warrior, is bigger than Bruce Wayne and would take some stopping! It would be a good fight I reckon.

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@bezza: I'm not 100% sure he's actually that much bigger than Bruce, and being Bigger doesn't mean you win. Trust me, I've met more little guys who could whoop me than big guys. They both do demonstrate great skill though, and I'm going to also say thor. I don't remember Bale having that many good H2H scenes before DKR, and that's what I'm going off of. I haven't seen either film in a while though, so I could be very, very wrong about that.

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@sheenlantern: Thor is tall O.O In the movies though, I don't think their strength feats are that far apart.

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Is this only movie versions of the characters? Because if so, Bruce Wayne has awful fighting abilities in the movies (I know I'm just some person on the internet, but honestly I am much more skilled in martial arts than movie Batman). Thor's fighting was unrefined, but he still had great strength and instincts for fighting. If comic versions are allowed as well, Bruce Wayne murderstomps Donald Blake lol.

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@ciriel: See that's kinda where I'm at. Also, it's just the batman begins feats, and I don't remember that many big fights from that movie.

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Thor's fighting ability simply doesn't stack up to Bruce Wayne's.

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Interesting everyone goes for Bruce. So, being a top earth bound martial artist gives you the edge against a guy who has fought the frost giants and become heir to Odin over goodness knows how many years? Even with his powers taken away Thor has got to be one awesome fighter, as he demonstrated in the movie by taking apart a crack team of Shield agents in hand to hand. Also, put a top guy against another top but larger guy and the larger guy normally wins. Would you back Mayweather to beat Klitcho? I wouldn't.

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Thor - "you're big... Thor bigger"

Batman - "I'm batman" (knock out punch)

Batman ftw

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Batman begins bat,an had him fighting a master ninja multiple times and besting him three times. Including one time when he was drugged with fear gas. Before that training he knocked out 7 hardened asian criminals at the same time. Those shield agents werent as big of an accomplishment as what batmans done. Bruce wins.

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@ciriel said:

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Thor's fighting style revolves on what he has. So taking his powers away is SPITE.