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Thor is in Warrior Madness in this fight.

round 1 - Who can lift the most at base strength. ( Hulk has been enraged for a day )

round 2 - Who can lift the most if Hulk enters WWH.

round 3 - Fight H2H - WM Thor vs WWH.

round 4 - All out Fight brawl with Hammer.- World War Hulk.


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Thor all rounds, assuming Warrior Madness does actually increase his stats 10 fold.

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Round 1 & 2 - These are a tough call. On one hand I believe Hulk has the potential to exceed Thor at base levels in strength. Being enraged for 24 hours is such an insane amount of time as well, that it's difficult to imagine what that beast would be capable of! Yet I'm uncertain what Thor could truly be capable of, going all out in WM. If we are simply weighing highest end feats ... Classic Thor feats such as The World Engine or Midgard Serpent are impressive enough as it is. I would also consider Thor to be a planet buster. So what would the equivalent be if 10 Thor's performed those feats? Has Hulk ever displayed concrete reliable feats of strength that could equal shattering 10 planets at once? Ripping The Serpent, 10 times its size, off of a planet 10 times the size of Earth ... in a tug o' war? Or pushing the will of Yggdrasil & the fates of the 9 realms - 10 times over!?

I've always felt that the intention of Warrior Madness is to further the idea of unquantifiable feats, or unknown/uncapped strength, that could match the nearly unlimited potential of Hulk. Essentially Marvel's way of fueling debates like this for the fans to keep things interesting, when asking the ultimate question of who is stronger when not holding back. Hulk or Thor?

Round 3 - I consider Thor to be a far more accomplished H2H combatant.

Round 4 - Thor's overall power set & versatility with Mjolnir in hand, gives him the advantage.