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Battle takes place on an Unpopulated Earth.

Random Encounter.

Thor Warrior Madness & Black Lantern Kal-L start the encounter 20 foot apart.

Rules-No BFR, Time travel Allowed.Earth cannot be destroyed.

Win is by KO (either fighter is unable to continue fighting for 20 minutes) or Death/Re-Death only.

Who Wins?


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eh maybe thor i never finished reading blackest night but im sure the black lanterns cant do what the other lantern cops can (make constructs) and if he still has his weakness thor has this always have always will supes has a weakness to magic thor hammer and everything bout him is magic not to mention he is as strong if not stronger then supes is couple that with thousands of years of training and experience along with speed( out side of earth since he put a damper on his powers while on it he is light speed and can very well destroy planets without even trying ) it will be thor logically but ofcourse fans going to say supes but if supes is immune to his many weaknesses in this form it will be a hard win for both sides and if the blacks can make constructs then sadly supes win but not easily

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Black Lantern Kal-L. while I think Thor and the Earth One Kal-El are relatively equal Kal-L has been shown to be superior to Kal-El. add the fact that he can reform any part of his body that Thor could tear off and that Kal-L in Black Lantern form doesn't hold back and is ruthless will aid him against a WM Thor. and I think that the ring nullifies Superman's weakness to magic which would take away the only clear advantage that Thor would have. and the only way you can stop a Black Lantern is to make him feel emotions and Thor wont be doing that. so in finality Black Lantern Kal-L wins this one.

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24 HR Bump :)

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Superman ftw

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going with Kal L

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The 'dead' man of tomorrow

good day

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@frozenphoenix: no you can`t flash tried to remove Firestorms ring and it just went back to him same goes for krypto trying to do the same to Lois Lane of earth 2

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cud go either way