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#101 Posted by RisingBean (7036 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: WW won't be getting out of the way. But humor me. Show some dodge feats.

#102 Posted by ssj_god (14296 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: bro.. please humor me quoting my comment too.

#103 Posted by pooty (14900 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: WW hitting flash is PIS also. Flash should KO WW before WW can even think. Thor can create fog also and attack WW while he can't see. Again WW can hurt Thor but nothing has proven he can stop Thor. WW got beat in one punch.

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How powerful is Weather Wizard? Can he control all the elements?

#105 Posted by Kid_Cool (184 posts) - - Show Bio

@pooty: No it's not, all of Flash's rogue has some kind of superhuman reflexes or just some other power.

#106 Posted by Kid_Cool (184 posts) - - Show Bio

@risingbean: Don't have any just ask to some Flash experts.

#107 Edited by RisingBean (7036 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: Have you ever even read a comic where the Weather Wizard dodged superhumanly fast?

@thetruebarryallen Ok. Do you have any scans of the Weather Wizard being superhuman when it comes to dodging?

Until shown otherwise I'm assuming they both land hits. Seeing as how Thor is Superman/Hulk etc level and Weather Wizard isn't, WW should go down in a heap.

#108 Posted by TheTrueBarryAllen (9815 posts) - - Show Bio

@risingbean: Traditionally WW uses his weather powers to swat Flash aside or any other harmful projectiles/attacks. He'd probably be using the wind to enhance his own speed in order to dodge.

Though I don't have scans of WW just moving at FTL speeds or anything like that; he isn't THAT quick.

#109 Posted by RisingBean (7036 posts) - - Show Bio

@thetruebarryallen: Ok. So it's not unlikely that Thor can land a hit is what it sounds like.

In my own reading of WW, Flash smashed him pretty much without effort. I was just double checking.

@kid_cool So there you go. Also Thor has proven fast enough to hit Quicksilver, who is faster then Weather Wizard.

Unless you have scans of dodge/reflex feats or superhuman durability feats for Weather Wizard, I think I'm about done here.

Thor can hit him and ol' WW can't tank the blow.

#110 Edited by Hyperlight (7549 posts) - - Show Bio

thor is superior in every way. even if WW was superior in weather manipulation that wouldn't be enough. why would thor fall from a being who can do the same thing he can? its like Human Torch fighting Firelord. I don't see how thor can just negate any of WW' weather manipulation with his own abilities and even if he couldn't nothing WW could unleash could outright kill thor

#111 Posted by Kid_Cool (184 posts) - - Show Bio

@risingbean: I don't know dodging feats, but you better ask flash experts.

BTW, WW won't just rush in, punch, kick, etc. He'll probably strike Thor with a bunch of lightning, that'll slow him down, and a Tornado inside Thor would weaken him or even kill him.

#112 Posted by Kid_Cool (184 posts) - - Show Bio

@risingbean: Anybody Thor has tagged is slower than Wally West, if you wanna go there. And a Thor wouldn't just throw his hammer, he'll probably rush in and try to brawl with WW, WW will just strike him with a bunch of lighting or slow him down with a heatwave.

#113 Posted by ssj_god (14296 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: hmm.. yeah.. anybody thor has tagged is really slow.. if you don't consider the likes of silversurfer that is.

#114 Posted by RisingBean (7036 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: The point is that anything WW can do, Thor can likely do, except on a planetary scale. The other point is that Thor is known to be a top tier fighter who is can tank nukes and the like. WW gets tapped on the chin by Flash and goes to nightnightville. I'm not saying WW won't inconvenience or even hurt Thor. I'm saying he doesn't have the output to put Thor down before Thor retaliates. Weather Wizard doesn't have the speed or the durability to take what Thor is dishing out.

If you want to make believe WW wins, that is your prerogative. You can make believe Penguin can outbox Superman or that Paste Pot Pete can goo up a fully fed Galactus with no problems too. But people who apply any kind of common sense to the outcome will tell you exactly what I did. So as far as this thread and my place in it are concerned, you need to look some feats up, or speak with people who have them to prove to me that WW can act as you say he can. (maybe by outpacing Flash or using an internal tornado to best a Superman level hero) Because right now your flapping your lips and I'm hearing "BlahBlahMakenosenseBlahMmmhm."

As far as to Thor getting hurt by lightning or slowed in a heatwave? If I need I'll go find scans that show Thor duking it out in a sun with no issues or tanking electricity. Let me just say though that those will be momentary reprieves at best.

#115 Posted by AsgardianXeno929 (1166 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid_cool: Thor has fought in the center of the sun, weather wizard, like storm, controls real weather where Thor can create it from anywhere. WW makes heat wave, thor doesn't notice and makes it rain fire. And lightning will not slow him down, it rejuvenates Thor (heals/makes stronger) so he'd be wasting his time. What's stopping thor from using earth control to just hit WW with a rock? :P or mjolnir that can lock onto people and move many times faster than light?

#116 Posted by ssj_god (14296 posts) - - Show Bio

@risingbean: @pooty: @kid_cool:

i don't understand why this mismatch thread is still running? .. let my this comment be the conclusion of it.. and let it end here..

@ssj_god said:

ww is a earth bound weather controler

against thor (weather god)...

thor uses earth control to amp gravity 100 folds... instant crush for ww

against superman (god in terms of power)...

ww gets speedblitz.. one punch in the face, and it's over..

lets end this spite thread here.

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#119 Posted by oceanmaster21 (12232 posts) - - Show Bio

weather wizard wins

#120 Posted by heatblaze123 (5709 posts) - - Show Bio
#121 Posted by ParagonNate (1764 posts) - - Show Bio

Whoa! What the heck is this! Thor takes this, not even close to being a fair fight.