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  • Random encounter
  • No bfr
  • Morals off
  • Standard gear
  • Start 50 ft apart

Battlefield: Apokolips

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Typhon doesn't have that many appearances or feets, so we kinda have to use ABC logic, he lost to Hercules, Hercules Lost to Thor....though ABC logic isn't accurate

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Damn Hercules got his throat bussed, lol. Thor wins this.

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Mythological Typhoon was the greatest of the Titans born to Gaea & was actually capable of defeating all of the Olympian Gods in Greek Mythology,. He actually succeeded in scaring all of the Olympians from Olympus, until Athena shamed Zeus into returning and facing him head-on. It turned out to be an epic battle that Zeus did eventually win. The point of this is that Typhon is actually the equivalent of an Elder God and is far more powerful than given credit for. Except for his last appearance, he is relatively featless in the Marvel Universe, but he should be roughly the equivalent of Mangog. Even though Marvel Thor also has Gaea for his Mother, a true battle between Thor and Typhoon should be epic, if Marvel Typhoon was as powerful as Mythological Typhoon.

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The other interesting fact, is that, in the Marvel Universe, Thor and Typhon are actually half-brothers, since they share the same mother , Gaea.

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Marvel Typhon is an overall disappointment, Thor wins.

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Thor ftw