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Round 1: Classic version of each, Both have usual powers,weapons,etc. Win by K/O or Death, Morals On.

Round 2: Odin-Force Thor & Superman Prime, Prime's speed is tripled, while Thor's durability & strength are doubled. (No speed-blitzing). Morals On, but they're going all out.

Round 3: Rune-King Thor, w/ Odin-Force & Destroyer Armor combined with the full power cosmic, VS Pre-Crisis Superman, all aspects are doubled and he is using a Lantern Ring, controlled by willpower. Morals off.

Round 1,2 take place on Earth, No leaving the battlefield, Round 3 takes place in Asgard,

No prep, outside help, BFR or leaving the battlefield.

Who takes the majority?

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round 1 superman

round 2 thor

round 3 superman