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Battles are won by KO or death.

Round 1- Battle takes place in the city

Round 2- Silver Surfer comes to destroy Asgard what happens (No Odin)

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Hard fight but I have to go with Surfer

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Well all SS did in the movie (Other than speed) was destroy Galactus that looked like a cloud for some reason. Still SS

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Surfer as I recall had few actual feats

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Surfer seemed unstoppable on his board and the only way to get him off was a tachyon pulse, so surfer.

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Thor. Surfer has almost no feats.

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Surfer,the movie showed that a weakened surfer could beat Galactus

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Surfer,the movie showed that a weakened surfer could beat Galactus

So? Movie Galactus is not comic Galactus. Galactus didn't have a single feat.

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Surfer wins because he drained The Torch, I don't see Thor walking out alive.

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Movie Surfer,but Thor was infinity times better then Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer.

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@hsm1: Eh i guess your right about that

but he did seem to be really fast and the way he manipulated that board in the movie and also how fast he drained torch makes it look like he would give Movie Thor a run for his money

and probably beat him he absorbed everything and was practically untouchable

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-Thors best physical feats: hitting the ground and shattering a few hundred foot radius maybe 100 feet deep.

-Silver Surfers best feats: incinerating a wide hole presumably so far down you cant see it, and obliterating Galactus.

Surfer wins.

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Silver Surfer - not because he defeated his Galactus - but because he seemingly BFRed a planet sized devouring cloud / if not destroyed it. Thor is more than capable of hurting him - if not even separating him from his board - it's just the Surfer has one way better high end that tips this in his favor.