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#51 Posted by ssejllenrad (12790 posts) - - Show Bio

Why the hell has no one posted Thorion yet?!?!?!

#52 Posted by JuliusTakalua (319 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor 6/10

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#54 Posted by xxxddd (3593 posts) - - Show Bio

Orion is stronger, more durable, and a better fighter than Thor.

#55 Posted by JuliusTakalua (319 posts) - - Show Bio

@xxxddd: Thor and Orion are quite similar. BUT Mjonir wins this. AH has not shown to do what Mjonir has done. It's just that ORion has not done much with teh AF as much as Thor withthe Mjonir

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@needlebay said:

Orion. He can basically do anything Thor can with a MB.

Current Thor is destroying planets as side effect of his Weblows lol. Orion is doomed here.

Orion nearly destroyed EARTH while just powering up on the moon. JLA/Teen Titans crossover.

What do you mean by powering up?

Well, not in the sense as DBZ or anything, but their was a space ship on the moon which belonged to an alien race. Orion decided to destroy it with the Astro Force on the moon, but in doing so would have torn the earth apart.

Orion's Astro Force was also capable of containing the Oblivion Bomb's energies, which was powerful enough to destroy the universe.

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I'll go with Thor on this one. Orion doesn't seem to have the power he needs to keep up with the son of Odin.

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@grandrakon: thor beat sups your a joke thor got killed beaten to a pulp by hulk orion lifted a navy base with ease thor takes time to do so go home thor fan boy you are drunk of odins beard

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On average as normally depicted Orion wins this, especially if Thor try's to slugfest with him but, Thor does have the power to win this don't be fooled

#60 Posted by sinestro_GL (3352 posts) - - Show Bio

Orion beats Thor to death with Mjolnir, throws it back onto him and walks away.


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Thor in a pretty tough fight

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Orion should take thus. Besides I think he's way cooler

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Thor takes this in a bloody slugfest IMO.

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Orion, despite the fact that he looks silly and crippled with that device he's rocking.

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@wolverine08: Bro idk if you've noticed but we're like one anothers perfect foils lol

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Interested to know why so few people go for Orion despite the fact that he has stalemated Superman several times whilst not using his full range of powers, such as Astro Force, which could certainly KO Thor.