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idk i just wrote it what you think? can the powerful god of thunder live the wrath of the mighty kong?

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Horrible massacre, kong died to small caliber air craft bullets.  Thor hits with so much more force then early 1930's bullets its not funny.  Hell a humvee is more than a match for Kong. 

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but-but-but-but-but he's huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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But but but but 25-50 feet isn't really all that big.  I know practically everything there is to know about giant monsters, and I deem king kong a fragile monster indeed.  Able to be killed by a modern day squad of U.S troopers with ease, maybe a single grenade will do the trick. 

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but-but-but-but Thor has God Blast  !

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G'bandit said:

but-but-but-but-but he's huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he's dead