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Thor vs Colossus and the Thing

Who do you think wins and why? Explain your answer please. Do you think Peter and Ben can take the Odinson without hiis mighty hammer??

Location Time square New York. No prep Random encounter

Morals on no BFR fight to the death. Win by KO or death

Thor does NOT have Mjonir his hammer.

Colossus without Phoenix or Cyttorak.

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I think Colossus and the Thing win thee battle.

Thor is too up-front in a brawl and doesn’t think with his head and isn’t very tactical.

Hence, team 2 wins.

~ Daaerk

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Thor with out his Mjolnir is still pretty dann strong.He should be able to win with out much difficulty.

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Thor would grab Colossus and use him as Mjolnir to hammer Thing into dust, then he throws his new Mjolnir to sun.

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Thor just summons lightning and kills team 2. His ability control the weather is innate, since he is the god of thunder.

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Team 2 ftw

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Thor still, he still outclasses them without his trusty hammer

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Thor....he's been fight hand to hand for thousands of years......between the 2 they have maybe 40 years combined.

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Thor one-shots them.

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thor.... way stronger and faster than both combined and has the weather on his side