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Zarathos is in control of the Ghost Rider

Everyone is in their current versions


No morals and bloodlusted

Fight takes place in NYC

They start 100 ft away from each other

Everyone has standard gear and equipment

Win by death, KO, or incapacitation

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Hmm,I see BRB taking on Regular Spawn and winning, but I don't know how they could put GR down without BFR.

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Team 2 for solid majority, Zarathos control rider should be more powerful than both Thor and BRB together.

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Team 2 and GR can handle them alone.

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Team 2 wins easily.

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Team 2. While current Spawn isn't as strong as versatile as Simmon's he's still very tough and GR with Zarathos in control could almost solo.

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Got to say Team 2 for a 7-8/10 majority.

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Wow! I honestly am suprised most ppl here is acknowledging zarathos power. The last time I saw a ghost rider vs thor thread most ppl said thor would win. But, now here in this thread most ppl are saying ghost rider would win. Which one is it?? Lol