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Round 1

In case you forgot, here are the rules..

Click here for the Tournament Thread

You will NOT post spam, questions, accusations, etc. etc. in this thread.

You have received a private message that contains everyone in this debate, in addition to Floopay and myself. If you have questions, accusations, and random spam you want to post, put it in the PM. This thread will not be clogged.

Someone asks you a question who isn't in the tournament, or makes a comment your direction? Reply by posting on that user's Wall. You may post as much spam and etc. after this thread is open for votes, however, once the thread is open to votes you CANNOT debate for your team in any way, shape, or form. Minor clarifications are allowed, but no challenging every vote against your team, no showing off feats and stuff you forgot to post for your team earlier. Once it's open for voting, the debate is done.

Posting Orders and Limits

Opening Post: You're reading it.

Second Post: I will make the second post. I have sent you another PM, in which you will describe your team make-up in the match. Be sure to include:

  • Whether or not you bring your Wildcard
  • Mastermind's Prep
  • Leader's Prep
  • Scout's Prep
  • Battlefield starting positions

In this PM, you will disclose this information for me to record in Post #2. It cannot be altered once I have made the post.

Nobody's information will be posted until both teams have made their decisions; Neither of you has any clue of how the other will be using prep, and there will be no way someone can alter their opening prep over and over again based on what they think would have been the best way to prep to guarantee victory. Plain and simple, you're stuck with the tactics you decided.

Posting Orders:

Remember, there are 2 people in each team. I will refer to teams as Team 1, and Team 2 for this portion. As well as Member 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B. Corresponding of course with their team.

I have chosen post orders, which is disclosed in Post #2 below.

  1. First Post: Team 1, Member 1A
  2. Second Post: Team 2, Member 2A
  3. Third Post: Team 1, Member 1B
  4. Fourth Post: Team 2, Member 2B
  5. Fifth Post: Team 1, Member 1A
  6. Sixth Post: Team 2, Member 2A
  7. Summary Post: Member 1B
  8. Summary Post: Member 2B

Make your posts count, because this is all you get. 2 posts from each team member, unless substitutions are made. If you post spam, ask questions and etc, they will count as one of your posts. Again, I will not allow clutter to fill up your battle threads, other than the few miscellaneous posts from outside viewers.

*Each Member will have 3 days maximum to submit his post. If the deadline is reached without posting, you'll be skipped and the next person follows.

Foxhound - CadenceV2 & nickzambuto

  • Champion: Seras Victoria
  • Champion: Vergil
  • The Leader: Shadow
  • The Mastermind: Otacon
  • The Scout: Psycho Mantis
  • Minions: 7 Tengu Soldiers, 3 Lickers


Honorable Thieves - Esquire & DireDrill

  • Champion: Omi
  • Champion: Gorgon
  • The Leader: Cable
  • The Mastermind: Night Thrasher II
  • The Scout: T-Girl
  • Minions: 6 Skrulls, 4 Bat Shadowkahn

Location: Kiasar Railroad

This majestic alpine land is home to a large logging operation that makes use of this railway to maintain its supply line with shipments of timber. The rail lines serve a major strategic purpose for the two armies engaged in combat here.

Battlefield Starting-Positions

Blue Zone = Team 1 territory, Red Zone = Team 2 territory

  • Team 1 can start at A, B, or C, or anywhere within the Blue Zone.
  • Team 2 can start at E, F, or G, or anywhere within the Red Zone.


The Train Station contains many trains holding shipping containers and gas containers on the rails.


The Canoe Center is a small area with few wooden buildings and a dock with many canoes stationed at it.


The Water Tower is a small wooden fenced in compound with many log stacks, a water tower, and storage sheds.


The Bridge is surrounded by a few artillery batteries, a bunker and a radar station.


The Gas Station is a bright yellow gas station with a garage and a couple of sheet metal structures surrounding it. There are few containers and trucks nearby.


The Com Center is a logging station. There are multiple concrete building surrounding the center with multiple log stacks dotting the area as well. A large crane vehicle is directly in the middle of the area.


The Lumber Yard is on the east end of the railroad. Many small concrete structures and sheet metal portables dot the area.

Battle Conditions

Prior to battle, both teams have the following:

  • 2 weeks of prep.
  • Basic knowledge of teammates.
  • No knowledge of the enemy team, other than basic knowledge of the opponent's Leader.
  • In-Character
  • Fight to the death.

Rules for Voting

Reasons MUST be given. Votes will not count if no reasoning is provided.

  • Team 1 may call in two voters.
  • Team 2 may call in two voters.
  • The only other votes that will count are from the other participants of this tournament, as well as notable outsiders. I will call in 3 random participants from this tournament who will be required to cast a vote on the debate.

Any other tournament participants are allowed to vote.

Outside Viewers are allowed to vote, but must meet certain qualifications.

  • Must have a post count of 1000+
  • Must provide reasoning. Votes without reasoning will not be counted.
  • In the end, if the reasoning is deemed equitable, the vote will count.

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✓ "Foxhound" Team Prep

We start at Point A - The Train Tracks, which Otacon will program to arrive at a specific point at a specific time, as well as create a timed explosive to ignite the train. Lickers are placed inside the train, meanwhile Mantis (activatin' dat there stealth camouflage), he'll ghost around the battlefield and use his psycho smarts to map out pretty much the entire battlefield, infiltrate the enemy's HQ, and read their minds. All the while he (along with Shadow) will be keeping a psychic eye out for any foul play from the other team, whether it be some mind reading attempt, classic infiltration, or whatever - they will immediately know the instant it goes down and react accordingly.

Now with Mantis on the front lines probing minds, we will learn the full extent of our opponent's plans, as well as be granted full knowledge on each team member. Mantis will relate his findings back to HQ, and immediately we find ourselves at the advantage.

Before infiltrating however, Mantis will set up a mental link with Otacon as he scouts for supplies, using his psychokinetic abilities to scan the whole battleground, specifically the shipping containers, storage sheds, radar station, gas station, com center, etc, and bringing back basically whatever the scientist says he wants. Using his newfound materials, Otacon will construct many Stealth Units for Lickers to use.

✓ "Honorable Thieves" Team Prep

1) We will not be using our Wild Card this round so our team will look like this:

  • Champion: Omi - Orb of Tornami, Two Ton Tunic, Mantis Flip Coin, Mikado Arms, Gills of Himachi, Helmet of Jong, Jetbootsu, Longi Kite, Kaijin Charm, Shroud of Shadows, Shimo Staff, Ruby of Ramses, Shadow Slicer, and the Emperor Scorpion
  • Champion: Gorgon - Godkiller
  • The Leader: Cable - Big Guns, Psymitar, Techno-Organic Half
  • The Mastermind: Night Thrasher II - Taylor Foundation converted Murder World
  • The Scout: T-Girl - Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster, Dragon, Pig, Sheep, Tiger, and Rat Talismans
  • Minions 1: 6 Skrulls - Energy Rifles
  • Minions 2: 4 Bat Shadowkahn - Unarmed

2) We will use the following starting positions for our team.

In the Lake near E: Omi, Gorgon, Bat Shadowkahn

In the Forest near F: Cable, Evil T-Girl, Skrulls

In the RU Base: Night Thrasher (not an active fighter), Good T-Girl

3) We will be using the energy weapon gauntlets from Night Thrashers own suit for our Minions. They allow you to generate red energy melee weapons that function like they are made of a sturdy material. If you have seen Taskmaster's Shield Omni Weapon, they function like that only they can't be turned into a ranged weapon. One ability that they do have is whenever the two energy weapons are struck together they discharge the energy that composes them and create a small shockwave that is no larger than you'd get from a grenade. The energy discharge requires some time to recharge so they are left being unable to use the gauntlets until then. Here are some scans just so you know what I am talking about:

Each of the red weapons/shield were generated by his gauntlets. Just so you know the Iron Man in that picture is his evil brother Dwayne from the future so the durability of his armor is likely not at Iron Man level especially given that it has no glowing chest Arc Reactor. This doesn't really only makes their melee combat more effective which we think they'll need against a swordsman of Vergil's calibre. This means our Mastermind tech will look like this:

  • Longstrike Battle Suit for Omi.
  • Ghost's Invisibility for Gorgon.
  • 4 Ock Tentacles for Cable
  • Slyde Suit for Evil T-Girl
  • Vulture Suit for Good T-Girl
  • Energy Weapon Gauntlets for Minions

Leadership and Scouting will be as above. But we wanted to take some time to have Cable instruct Omi and Evil T-Girl in the use of their telekinetic powers. As he is one of the most skilled TK users in comics, his experience and skill will be of tremendous value since he can download most of it into their noggin via TP. This will allow them to become quite effective fairly quickly. He'll also take the time to teach Evil T-Girl how to use her Heat Beams effectively based upon his experience with his father's optic blasts. Again, much of this is done telepathically so it will take very little time.

Cable, who has easily in the past hacked computer networks, will download his knowledge of hacking into Evil T-Girl. Subsequently, she will hack the satellites in orbit to give us a direct picture of the area.

Overall our team will look like this at the beginning of the match. I have put all of the new/traded equipment in parentheses.

In the Lake near E:

  • Champion: Omi - Orb of Tornami, Two Ton Tunic, Mantis Flip Coin, Mikado Arms, Gills of Himachi, Helmet of Jong, Jetbootsu, Kaijin Charm, Shroud of Shadows, Shimo Staff, Ruby of Ramses, Shadow Slicer, and the Emperor Scorpion (Longstrike Battle Suit)
  • Champion: Gorgon - Godkiller (Longi Kite, Ghost Invisibility Suit)
  • Minions 2: 4 Bat Shadowkahn - (Energy Weapon Gauntlets)

In the Forest near F:

  • The Leader: Cable - Big Guns, Psymitar, Techno-Organic Half (4 Doc Ock Tentacles)
  • The Scout: Evil T-Girl - Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster, Dragon, Pig, Half of Tiger, and Rat Talismans (Slyde Suit)
  • Minions 1: 6 Skrulls - Energy Rifles (Energy Weapon Gauntlets) (Disguised as Forest Critters)

In the RU Base:

  • The Mastermind: Night Thrasher II - Taylor Foundation converted Murder World (Inactive Player)
  • The Scout: T-Girl - Sheep, and Half of Tiger Talismans (Vulture Suit)

Team 1 = Foxhound, Team 2 = Honorable Thieves

  1. First Post: CadenceV2
  2. Second Post: Esquire
  3. Third Post: nickzambuto
  4. Fourth Post: DireDrill
  5. Fifth Post: CadenceV2
  6. Sixth Post: Esquire
  7. Summary Post: nickzambuto
  8. Summary Post: DireDrill

*Partners are allowed to substitute for each other's respective turns.

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wat is this

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I really have no ****ing clue what the hell his team has or packing. I feel sorry for the readers of this train wreck of 50 thousand different things. Ovee.

So here is the deal. The train goes on and explodes. Causing a minor distraction at best. The Lickers are on the prowl and we would end up hitting the telepathic threats. Shadow and Mantis are out there already. With the invisible Tengu. In the middle of the map thanks to the train making its way to the end of the map.

Unlike your team with strict area covered, we are flexible lol. The Shadow, Tengu, licker, and mantis team will hit Cable at F block with all haste. Best part is Seras has miles of Heavy Artillery Range to start bombarding you. Thanks to her Third Eye that shown the ability to find target through the hills and forest of the Hellsing Estate.

So Add to this is Psycho mantis battling Cabel, and the Shadow is using his mystic powers to cast out his Cloud Mens Minds.

Cloud Men's Minds

The Shadow uses his ability to Mystically Misdirect foes to accomplish goals. Only the Mystically powered, or those protected by Fate are immune. Extreme Will foes can resist it to a degree, but they are still shown to be affected by it in some way, including other Heroes like the Green Hornet and his side kick Kato.

1) Clouds mind of business man to enter his windowless office unseen.

2) Clouds Soldier's mind into seeing none of his Shadow gear.

3) Misdirects Assassins to think he was a painting.

4-6) The Shadow enters and leaves this detective's office from the shadows by clouding his mind.

7) Clouds the minds of the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato to disappear in the Shadows.

8) Clouds the minds of a whole Dock Yard to board a ship.

9) Misdirects a small Japanese and Chinese army to get to the Buffalo.

10-11) Shadow enters a tiny room on a ship, this room has no windows of course, located in the bowels, and is barely big enough to fit 4 men. Clouds the minds to enter with no probs.

12) Misdirects multiple gangsters firing at him.

This will give our team a huge advantage while the invisible Lickers pounce T-Girl and Cable. Thanks to Mantis Psypower and Seras Third Eye, we can also easily tell your disguise Skrulls as what they are (If they are not killed by the Artillery barrage) and deal with them with well place bullets from Shadow.

Shadow can deal with T-Girl on his own. He will give her a Hypnotic Command to kill herself.

Unless she has protection from Magic Hypnotic verbal commands, she takes care of herself. Then the Lickers and Shadow can deal with Cable, while Sears and Vergil fly to your spot to complete the OP ownage.

They can make it there pretty fast.

With this done your down 6 soldiers and 2 key players. Best part is your team is forced to chugg to this spot to counter our plan because you were to detailed in yours, spreading your team thin.

After this our team can easily bum rush to the next spot of RU base. This is done for 2 reasons. One to keep all your guys at E area playing catch up. Two we can make it there super fast.

Our Tengu will provide rear guard behind our tail just in case people from E area make it to us quick. However at RU Base it is total stompage of 4 on 2.

From there we wait for the easy win our 4 guys, what left of the Tengu falling back to RU base, and our Lickers with all invisible suits waiting to ambush your last team. Thanks to Mantis psychic forwarding, Seras Third Eye tracking, and and Shadow's Cloud Minds will guaranteed the ambush at RU base.

So recap.

  1. Bomb goes off as distraction. Before it goes off team of shadow, Mantis, Lickers, and tengu jump off and head for area F.
  2. Seras bombards your team F with third sight and anti tank weapons. Killing most and softening the rest.
  3. Snake and Mantis with Invisible Lickers move in. Overpower your team. Seras then flies Vergil there real quick.
  4. We should on power set easily overpower them before Seras and Vergil Arrive. then we all move together to take out the bottom team.
  5. Then we mop the last of your team that would made there way to us.

@nickzambuto Yay not planning in to much detail :)

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hey, my computer crashed a couple days ago and i&!pm not able to get my phone to work well with cv. I&!pll try to have a post up in a day or two, but if diredrill can have first post, that would be great. Sorry!

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@cadencev2, @nickzambuto As @esquire doesn't appear to be able to post, I will do so in his stead.


Just a quick introduction of our team for the readers out there.

Omi is a highly skilled Xiaolin Monk from Xiaolin Showdown. He uses a series of magical artifacts known as Shen Gong Wu that grant different powers. For this battle, Omi has Wu that grant him the following abilities: Superhuman Strength, Durability, Speed, Agility, Senses, as well as Telekinesis, Invisibility, Water Manipulation, Flight, Underwater Breathing, and Illusions. He also has the Emperor Scorpion which prevents theft of Wu.

The Gorgon is a highly skilled swordsman and martial fighter capable of taking on multiple high tier opponents simultaneously. He is the leader of the Hand and a high level member of Hydra. He is a mutant with the power of Telepathy and has been further enhanced by the Hand to have superhuman strength, speed, agility and regeneration. His one of Marvel's biggest BAMFs.

Cable is the mutant son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor. He was infected with Apocalypse's Techno-Organic Virus at birth and was able to form a mutual symbiotic relationship with it. He has fought Apocalypse for decades and even across time. He is superhumanly strong and durable and has potent Telekensis, Telepathy, Cyberpathy, and can see the entire EM spectrum.

Night Thrasher is the brother of the original Night Thrasher. He is a former mutant who literally built his own superhero team from the ground up. He used mostly stolen villain technology to empower his war on crime and reverse engineered it. He is an accomplished martial artist and scientist. He is so skilled a scientist that he has figured out how to make Pym Particles, Spider-man's web fluid, and even his own time machine.

T-Girl is Jade Chan the niece of Jackie Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures. She is a precocious little scamp having saved the world on multiple occasions. She is armed here with the Talismans a group of magical artifacts that grant her the following powers: Superhuman Speed, Regeneration, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Optic Blasts, Fireballs, Astral Projection, Duplication, and Animation.

The Skrulls are a highly advanced race of shapeshifters. They are expert infiltrators with the ability to so perfectly mimic a target that they are immune to most forms of detection.

Bat Shadowkahn are a tribe of Shadowkahn with bat-like features. They also have an ability to fire a constricting beams. They were part of an army that threatened to plunge the world into darkness.

Our Prep

Seems like you are quite annoyed about not using your prep effectively. But you need not resort to ad hominem attacks as they are very unbecoming of you.

Had I known that my last prep post was going to copied directly I would have made it much more concise. Let me go ahead and do that now.

1) Cable links up our entire team and formulates a plan. He then sends people off about their tasks.

2) T-Girl uses the Tiger Talisman to split herself into her evil and good selves. They they simultaneously scout and gather resources

  • Evil T-Girl begins by hacking satellites to give us your exact locations thanks to Cable's knowledge download.
  • Good T-Girl uses the Sheep Talisman to spy on your team. The Sheep Talisman makes her effectively undetectable and untouchable unless you kill her physical body which will be miles away. She will be watching and listening to your entire team.
  • Evil T-Girl then goes out and grabs all the resources they need via Rabbit, Rooster, and Snake Talisman.

3) Night Thrasher then builds our team some battle suits like he did his own team.

  • Longstrike Battle Suit which uses Stilt-man tech and grants moderate superhuman strength and durability for Omi.
  • Ghost's Invisibility Suit for Gorgon. Only grants invisibility.
  • Doc Ock Harness with 2 Tentacles for Cable.
  • Slyde Suit for Evil T-Girl which makes her frictionless. She can never be grabbed or grappled.
  • Vulture Suit for Good T-Girl.
  • Energy Weapon Gauntlets for Minions.

4) Move to planned start locations.

  • Omi and Gorgon and the Shadowkahn will fly to the Lake and submerge themselves. Shadowkahn do not breathe and Omi and Gorgon will be using the Gills of Himachi.
  • Evil T-Girl picks up Cable and the Skrulls and carries them to the forest.
  • Good T-Girl continues spying on your team via Sheep Talisman in the RU Base.
  • You also suggested our team would be "chugging" to their targets. You realize that most of our team is faster and more mobile than your team, right? They make it to their targets well in advanced of your team.

5) Summation of plans:

In the Lake near E (Submerged):

  • Champion: Omi - Orb of Tornami, Two Ton Tunic, Mantis Flip Coin, Mikado Arms, Gills of Himachi, Helmet of Jong, Jetbootsu, Kaijin Charm, Shroud of Shadows, Shimo Staff, Ruby of Ramses, Shadow Slicer, and the Emperor Scorpion (Longstrike Battle Suit)
  • Champion: Gorgon - Godkiller (Longi Kite, Ghost Invisibility Suit)
  • Minions 2: 4 Bat Shadowkahn - (Energy Weapon Gauntlets)

In the Forest near F:

  • The Leader: Cable - Big Guns, Psymitar, Techno-Organic Half (4 Doc Ock Tentacles)
  • The Scout: Evil T-Girl - Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster, Dragon, Pig, Half of Tiger, and Rat Talismans (Slyde Suit)
  • Minions 1: 6 Skrulls - Energy Rifles (Energy Weapon Gauntlets) (Disguised as Forest Critters)

In the RU Base:

  • The Mastermind: Night Thrasher II - Taylor Foundation converted Murder World (Inactive Player)
  • The Scout: T-Girl - Sheep, and Half of Tiger Talismans (Vulture Suit) (Spying on your team)

Your Prep

Now let's take a look at why you are so mad.

You made a grievous error replacing Revolver with the Shadow. He has very little experience leading a team and dealing with the sort of threats he has to deal with here. In addition his Cloud Men's Mind ability has a 100 foot range as per the limits which puts him in a very precarious position. All forms of mental manipulation fall under the Telepathy rules. Good luck getting close enough to do anything with him. Revolver would have at least lent credence to some of your plan but the Shadow just cannot. Thanks for helping us out though, I was worried about that EM Field.

I love that you picked Psycho Mantis. I did a good amount of research into him when he was on me and Jokergeist's team. But you have him in the wrong place. The scout's limited TP and TK really limits him drastically. Pity! That makes killing him so much easier. His Stealth Suit only bends light it does not block any thermal imaging, something that Otacon suggests he use to beat it. Cable just happens to have an eye that can see the entire EM spectrum including heat. He'll see him like normal. As we have detected him, he is fair game for us to kill. Cable has superior TK and weapons to Psycho Mantis so he'll die pretty quickly. Also, Psychokinesis nor Telepathy would allow him to scan the entire battlefield. As your scout is dead, you have no information on our plan or our team. You have also lost any resources he was carrying and any TP resistance he was conveying. Cable then takes his Stealth Suit and uses it for himself. Thank you for deciding to send him into our territory to gather resources and information!

This means no stealth units for your team which means they have no means of evading our team. Not that it matters since Stealth Units only bend light so Cable would still beat them without any issue. This means that those Lickers and the Shadow are completely out in the open and will die quickly to our team. You should have gone with Octocamo because at least it shields against heat, Stealth units are useless here.

Also, let's talk about your suggestion that we "spread ourselves thin." Our team deployment is as as such 6 north and 8 south your team deployment is 5 mid and 9 back. They are basically the same. Stop taking unfair potshots at our team.

Your train plan was also doomed to fail because of our team's superior mobility and speed.

Our Plan

Having killed Psycho Mantis, your team now has no resources and no knowledge of our team. This means that you'll have way of knowing where my team is so Seras will be unable to use her Harkonnen or Third Eye to locate us. We will have supreme stealth given that we have stealth devices on pretty much all of our guys. When you send your train, the Shadow and your Lickers will all die immediately.

Even if you manage to use the Cloud Men's Minds on T-Girl, the Horse Talisman will keep her alive long enough for Cable to Mind Control her. There are no limits on Defensive Mind Control. He'll know immediately that this has happened thanks to the TP link. Good luck trying to convince anyone that the Shadow can beat a techno-organic telepath of Cable's caliber.

Do you know why we picked the Skrulls instead of other illusionists? It is because their shapeshifting advances during Secret Invasion. There were hundreds of normal Skrulls that infiltrated every organization on Earth. It wasn't just the Super Skrulls that did it, though they got the lion share of the face time. Their infiltration abilities are now so good that they are immune to most forms of detection whether it be TP or magic or what have you. Only the 3D Man, Reed Richards, and Black Panther were able to bypass their infiltration abilities. Seras's Third Eye is similar to Spider Sense and Spider Sense did exactly nothing to detect Skrulls. There is no reason to believe that Seras' Third Eye would be able to detect a shapeshifted Skrull. The Skrulls will work their way up to your Tengu and slaughter them. Tengu stand no chance against Skrulls, they have surprise and superior weapons. Each time they kill one Tengu, they will replace them making killing the next one even easier.

While the rest of your team is being slaughtered, Omi and Gorgon and the Shadowkahn will be making their way towards Vergil and Seras. Gorgon is every bit Vergil's match. He is as strong, as fast, as skilled, and as capable of stalemating Vergil as Vergil is he. The difference here is that we have him outnumbered. The Shadowkahn will engage Seras with the constricting beams only meaning to hold her temporarily while Omi fires up his Orb of Tornami and Kaijin Charm to freeze Seras solid. He'll then do the same to both Gorgon and Vergil. This will hold them both long enough for my Cable and Evil T-Girl to arrive. Cable will then dismember them with his TK which should be easy while they are frozen given his skill with TK. Everyone will then move the parts too far away from one another to regenerate.

Your Plan

1) Sending your scout into our territory. - 1 Player

  • Psycho Mantis crosses the line, gets detected and dies.

2) Sending a train into our territory. - 4 Players

  • Lickers and Shadow get TK Crushed before they can even react. Cable yawns.

3) Tengus running rear guard. - 7 Players.

  • Tengus have no means of detecting the Skrulls or stopping their weapons.

4) No real ability to use Vergil and Seras. - 2 Players

  • 14 vs 2 = Loss

5) Team Conclusion

  • 14 Players
  • - 1 Scout
  • - 4 Lickers and Shadow
  • - 7 Tengu
  • - 2 Vergil and Seras
  • 0 Players left.


Your team is too far under limits to be capable of matching our team who is at limits. Our team has more power, more mobility, more speed, more versatility, more intelligence, and overall more effective prep. The only way for a lesser team to beat a team that is superior is through prep and you failed to utilize yours to accomplish anything of value. Your team only has 2 real threats and they can't take on our entire team by themselves.

Edit: I did not see that you had edited in a conclusion and maps, I'll do that tomorrow.

@jokergeist, @floopay, I've got to say I thought the prep format was going to be cumbersome but it really has streamlined the process. It should be the standard now.

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@esquire: Nick quit because he doesn't like it when debates have strategy.

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@esquire: Nick quit because he doesn't like it when debates have strategy.

I quit with him because even though are team wins handily, I cannot debate by myself :)

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@cadencev2: It is cute that you think your team wins handily. ;)

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@cadencev2: It is cute that you think your team wins handily. ;)

Your all lucky Nick backed out.

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Mmm sounds like someone's pretty butt hurt.

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Honorable Thieves (@esquire/@diredrill)

Voting is over. Congratulations, you have advanced to the Winners Section. [Click Here] for more info.