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Yes, I copied Sherlock. A good idea is a good idea.
My Favorites:

Savage Land: Sauron (Karl Lykos) has placed under his hypnosis two (2) Tyrannosaurus-Rex, three (3) Brachiosaurus, five (5) Stegosaurus, five (5) Triceratops, and ten (10) Velociraptors.
Rules: These are current versions of team-up Femme Fatales (as I so love calling them) who possess their standard power-sets, skills, and weapons. They are not bound by preparation or morals and they must kill to survive. They have twenty-four (24) hours to complete the "mission" in order to return home.
Line-Up: 1st Round - Velociraptors, 2nd Round - Triceratops, 3rd Round - Stegosaurus, 4th Round - Brachiosaurus, 5th Round - Tyrannosaurus-Rex, and 6th and Final Round - Sauron.

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I wonder if it takes a second response to get the ball rolling.

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The team combines their efforts and dominates everything.