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Battle takes place in TWD Prison

The Walking Dead Group :

1. Rick (Has his revolver with 2 full rounds & Machete).

2. Daryl (Crossbow with 6 arrows & Hatchet).

3. Merle (Shotgun with 4 rounds & his knife-hand).

4. Glenn (9MM Pistol with One Mag & Hunting Knife).

5. Maggie (Same weapons as Glenn's).

6. Michonne (Her Katana & 2 Throwing knives).

7. T-Dog (Semi-Auto Pistol with 12 Bullets & Axe).

The Villains :

1. Leather-Face (Chainsaw & Meat Cleaver).

2. The Joker (Shotgun with 2 rounds & Butcher Knife), Movie Version.

3. Red-Skull (Regular Serum & One 9mm with 2 bullets), Movie Version.

4. Bane (No equipment other than his skills), Movie Version.

5. Chucky (Butcher Knife, 2 Throwing Knives and Flamethrower).

Battle can be interrupted by walkers at any point.

Who will win?

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I think Red Skull solos while Rick was a police man he never really was a true soldier like character while Red Skull on the other hand was extremly skilled and very dangerous.

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@JackKnight: I don't think he can solo, Rick has a good aim and he could get him in the head.

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@Pope052: True.

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Wow this is an awesome battle. Hmm well Movie Bane will definitely be tough as he is shown to be able to break peoples necks with one hand and when enraged can punch chunks of concrete off pillars along with being a top notch combatant. Chucky doll while being tiny you have iven him a potentially room clearing weapon.. I say Rick or Glenn is smart enough to shoot the flamethrower tank killing Joker and Chucky and maybe T dogg lol. Leather face Red skull would kill Maggie ( face has a thing for killing women) but the group focuses on Skull and leather face eventually killing one of them. Merle is no match for Bane and dies while Darryl and Rick plug the hell out of Red Skull until Michonne decapitates him. After both groups are down to only a few surviving members Bane gets a hold of Michones sword and along with a now resembled chucky finishes the group off with some help from Walkers. Villains win.

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The villains, most of them have at least peak human, or above average human strength and durability.

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walkers attack during fight and feast on them all . walkers win, also anyone who drops would come back as a walker. walkers ftw

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Villians mess up the WD cast Badly.

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The Villains wreck the Walking Dead Group.