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Please, use logic and reasoning in your posts. No prep time at all, the battle takes place in New York city rooftops or streets or whatever. The TMNT have their weapons, as does Elektra, and Silver Sable has no guns, but her chakra and general melee weapons.

Who takes it?

I personally think the TMNT (due to the fact that they regularly take on ridiculous opponents and win only with teamwork and weapons), but I'm sure a counter-argument could be made for the other team.

And just to clear up......

.....the TMNT (just in case there was something else that fitted that acronym).

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tmnt wins in a massive curbstomp.

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zebari said:
"tmnt wins in a massive curbstomp."
TMNT LOSES IN A MASSIVE CURBSTOMP!!!!! OMG.Iron Fist could solo them..adding the other guys is overkill.
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zebari said:
"tmnt wins in a massive curbstomp."
NO SIR.  Electra, Iron Fist, Silver Sable and Daredevil will beat the living hell out of the Ninja Turtles... hell these 4 cats are some of the best Martial Artists in the Marvel Universe
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wrong forum

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I know this is in the wrong forum, but Iron Fist could take all of the Turtles by himself.

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u people come up with the wackiest battles lol