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All of the Talons vs Wolverine. They all have their weapons, and this is bone claw wolverine. Fight takes place in the middle of the Batcave.

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Wolverine should take this with some difficulty.

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Talon they have a healing factor so yeah

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Wolverine takes this with difficulty.

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@wolverine08: batman could bairley beat 8 of them with his battle armer i dont see wolverine wining this

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Wolverine gets stomped how could people possibly make an argument for Wolverine?

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Talons, they have hundreds of members including Harmon who could be a problem for Wolverine by himself

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Talons vary. Not all of them are fodder. They should win probably with ease.

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@dondave: do you have scans of Harmon? I am curious to see why he would be a problem for wolverine.

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@jashro44 said:

@dondave: do you have scans of Harmon? I am curious to see why he would be a problem for wolverine.

The guys freaking huge, he's probably near the same size or bigger than the Hulk depending on whose drawing him. He has above peak human strength and should be capable of restraining Wolverine long enough for the other Talons to remove his heart, not to mention he doesn't really feel piercing damage and has shown to be able crush human skulls and bones with his bare hands.

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Just had the time a few weeks ago to read most of the Talon's appearances. Skill wise, they are a tier below Red Hood or Red Robin. If I could run a tier system,

Most if not all Talons < Red Hood and Red Robin are about equal < Dick Grayson < Batman and Wolverine who are about equal in skill.

Wolverine is quite a few tiers above the Talons here. Now comparing Wolverine to Batman, they are both on par skill wise, but Wolverine actually has:

-superhuman senses,

-enhanced strength allowing him to lift about a ton or more.

-Has a healing factor, and now that he doesn't have adamantium in his system he heals much faster.

-Without the adamantium, he losses about 150 lbs, so he's going to be much much faster than he already is.

-Has the berserker rage which increases his fighting ability when he gets angry

I think Wolverine can take the easily just by beheading most of them. It won't be easy, but he outskills them all, if faster than all of them, and most likely stronger than them or they might be on par with him. If these are just the Talons that attacked Batman

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For the record, I only speak of known and shown Talons. I think Wolverine could beat all these guys together:


The Talons are a breed of deadly assassins absolutely loyal to the Court. They remain sleeping deep within their inner sanctum until they are called upon. Experts at murder, they are responsible for controlling the Court's interests with an iron fist whenever their services are needed for an execution.

  • Ephram Newhouse was the Talon of 1665. However, his sloppiness forced the court to retire him, stripping him of his weapons and armour with a mark of disgrace on his record. Four of his knives were stolen by Catwoman, centuries later. On the Night of the Owls, Ephram was revived, and sent by the Court to assassinate The Penguin. By sheer coincidence, the Penguin was in possession of the fifth knife, which Catwoman had set her own sights on. In the ensuing conflict, Catwoman saved the Penguin's life, and promised the five knives back to the Talon, preying on his need for redemption in the eyes of the Court. The Penguin shot him through the head before an exchange could be made, and so Catwoman - feeling as though she and the Talon were kindred spirits - laid his body on the roof of Gotham City Police Headquarters with his five knives, and turned on theBat-Signal.[7]
  • Henry Ballard was encountered by the Birds of Prey. He remembered the Gotham City of 1847 as a violent place, and saw the city's present the same way. When he was unmasked, he already had the appearance of an old man. The Birds of Prey managed to subdue him when Poison Ivy dragged him into a refrigerated train car meant for carrying meat.[8]
  • Alexander Staunton was the Talon in 1856. He was effective, but his killings lacked the subtlety the Court of the day felt was essential, and he was retired. During the Night of the Owls he was sent to kill Lucius Fox, but was stopped by Batwing.
  • The Talon of the 1890s was a woman of Chinese descent. In her time, she was sent to assassinate Thurston Moody, the former deputy head of Gotham Sanitation, who was a member of a terrorist group called the August 7.
  • William Cobb is the assassin sent to murder Bruce Wayne, prior to Night of Owls.[2] After he was captured, he was discovered to be a distant ancestor of Dick Grayson. Though he was subdued by Batman in theBatcave, he was revived when the cave was overrun by his fellow Talons. He escaped to seek out Dick, and kill him for betraying his heritage. As Nightwing, Dick rejected the idea of destiny, and overcame his ancestor.[9]
  • Mary Turner is the assassin sent to coerce Commissioner Gordon into letting his police force handle the Night of Owls ineffectively, and into inadvertently lighting a modified Bat-Signal which fills the sky with the symbol of the Court of Owls, thereby killing hope that the Batman will save Gotham. She was horribly disfigured at a young age by a bomb attached to a balloon which was sent by Emperor Hirohito to cause panic in the United States during World War II. She faces Batgirl, but lets her go, because they both wear masks.[10] Later, Catwoman breaks the Talon out of Blackgate Penitentiary after being hired by a prominent member of the Court of Owls. When she realizes his motivations, she turns on him, and with Batgirl, they defeat his Talons - including Mary, who turns on her master out of friendship. In order to protect Mary, Catwoman faces the police alone.[11] Later, Batgirl finds a place for Mary with the Birds of Prey.[12]
  • Alton Carver was the most recent Talon. Like every other Talon, Carver was a performer with Haly's Circus, but his fear of death prevented him from mastering the high-wire. Frustrated, the ringmaster forced him to overcome his fear by setting his trailer ablaze with him inside. When he emerged, burned but alive, he was ready for the Court's training. Twenty-six years later, he had become one of the best Talons, but he had also become sloppy. He was warned that if he continued to make mistakes, he would be replaced with a boy who had already been chosen to succeed him. On the night of the mission that was meant to redeem him, Carver couldn't help but go to see the one who would replace him. He saw Dick Grayson perform, and knew that the boy would outmatch him. Having delayed too long, he missed his chance to kill his target stealthily, and was attacked by the Batman. His failure forced the Court to retire him, and he was not wakened again until theNight of the Owls. He was given mayoral candidate Lincoln March as target. Though March was stabbed, he shot Carver in the head. Unexpectedly, though, Carver revived, and attacked the Batman, who had arrived on the scene. The battle ended with Carver sent careening through the window and onto the street below. Despite the fall, he managed to escape into the sewers.[13]
  • Calvin Rose is the only Talon to escape the grasp of the Court of Owls. An expert escape artist and talented acrobat, the former assassin seeks a normal life despite being hunted by the Court.
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@wolverine08: batman could bairley beat 8 of them with his battle armer i dont see wolverine wining this

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@dondave: Pretty impressive. Thank you for the scans!

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@lifeofvibe said:

@wolverine08: batman could bairley beat 8 of them with his battle armer i dont see wolverine wining this

It doesn't matter for him no matter who Wolverine against he will always say ''Wolverine wins this but not easy though.''

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The Talon Horde should win here

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Wolverine takes this. He has many more years of fighting experience. They may have healing factors, but Howlett is no stranger to enemies who could heal. He's faced and almost beaten vastly superior foes than the Talons. They are nothing compared to the Hulk , Omega Red, Juggernaut, Apocaylpse, Sentinels, Black Panther, Namor, Blob, Dark Phoenix , Cyber etc.


Oh,this is bone claw Wolverine. This means his healing factor is stronger. Wolverine wins.