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takes place inside the sewers , who would win ?!?

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Superior Spider-Man couldn't keep the Talon down

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Tatatatatata Talon!

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Didn't Batman take down Talon in the end? I've never actually read the full story, but..

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Spider-Man stomps with ease

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Spider-Ock rips the Talon into a dozen pieces and proceeds to verbally abuse him in the process. I don't think the Talon can heal from full dismemberment.

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How many talons? He can beat all the relevant talons with ease.

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Spider-Man without even trying, seriously.

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Maybe once more light has been shed on that big hulking talon that attacked Calvin Rose at the end of the last issue of Talon, he could make a better match.

Also, assuming Ock does have 'superior' gear on him, he would've kept the cryo-pellets that Peter had (or created a variation of them), which would make this way too easy against any talon.