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This one is a little different. The goal is to create two teams that are virtually even, without using duplicates of any one character.

How To Play

1: I'll start with Team A, and Team B. The next poster will determine who would win between those teams, then add/remove characters to create a scenario that would likely be a stalemate between the two teams.

2: This poster then makes two teams of their own, and the next poster will do the same. (Even teams, create teams)

3: If two teams are already even, just say "Stalemate" and create your own teams.

Now obviously, all stalemates will be subjective, but so is any battle. The fun part is using your knowledge of characters to even the playing fields without having one team significantly better than the other. In other words, battles that could go either way.


1. No characters above Sky-Father level.

2. All teams must have at least 2 characters on each side.

3. Do not make deliberately super-one-sided teams. (In other words, don't make 5 uber heroes vs 1 street level in hopes of messing up the next poster.)

Team A : Batman, Catwoman, Deathstroke

Team B : Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Iron-Fist

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Team B stomps no matter how hard you try to argue against it lol

Team A. Juggernaut


Team B. SwampThing in a coma.

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Team B wins

Team A: Batman, Catwoman, Deathstroke

Team B: Harley Quinn, Iron Fist, Bane

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Team A handily

Team A: Superman

Team B: Aunt May

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Team A handily

Team A: Superman/ Batman

Team B: Thor/ Doom Stalemate?

Team A : Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, Storm

Team B: Shazaam, Black Panther

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@i_like_swords: The goal is to take the teams of the post above you, and make them even. Or at least very close. THEN, you make two teams for the next person.

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Team A,

Thor & Superman slug it out for a while but Superman eventually pulls the win in a good battle, Doom takes out Batman effortlessly but then gets beaten by Superman.

Now my Team..

8th Day Juggernaut, H/P Doomsday,Thanos & World Breaker Hulk.


Pre Crisis Darkseid, Odin-Force Thor, Full Confidence Gladiator & 100% Mentally Stable Sentry