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Zarathos(Johnny Blaze), Nobel Kale(Daniel Ketch) and Vengeance(Michael Badilino) vs Superman, Black Adam, and Captain Marvel

Both teams are bloodlusted

This fight take place on an uninhabitated planet

They start 1000 meters apart

Who wins

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Vengeance only has a vestige of the Spirit of Vengeance power and can never be more than a Human Control Rider. He gets stomp hard. Superman goes down hard as well due to a weakness of Magic and no real way to cause damage to the GR Brothers. Cap Marvel and Black Adam might Speed Blitz for a possible win but the GR Brothers have wide range Hell fire Attacks to soul burn with.

Hell Fire Novas and Hell fire Storms are hard to dodge or get around.

Added to that Hell Fire Avatars. Each one as tough and strong as the GR that made them.

Also we cant forget GRs have the Abilty to BFR into their own Hell Realm.

So the very direct and blunt approach of Cap Marvel and Black Adam may not be enough at all to the GR Brother's Versatility.

This is not including Unbreakable Chains or the Penance Stare abilities.

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Team 2 cant do a thing really they can just fly around but they would still get stomped.