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The Silver Surfer of Earth-552
The Silver Surfer of Earth-616
For those who didn't read the two-part "Superguardians" arc during the original Exiles series The Silver Surfer of Earth-552, once a highly respected Military Scientist, is a corrupt and heatless madman hellbent on usurping the rest of The Power Cosmic from his former Master. His most infamous and heinous crimes were:

Obliterating every trace of life on countless worlds all across the Universe including Earth.

Wiping out every member of The Shi'ar Imperial Guard except for Manta by himself as well as many members of the second "Last Stand" incarnation of The Imperial Guard (which included Ronan the Accuser, an icy blue-skinned Super-Skrull and the much older looking, blue skinned Admiral Mar-Vell...well I think it was Mar-Vell and I think he was an Admiral but who knows?)

Violently beating his former Master and The Healer of Worlds, Galactus, to within an inch of death.

If the mainstream Silver Surfer were to face his "Mirror Universe" counterpart who do you think would come out the victor? Personally, I think it would be Earth-552's Surfer and I am not saying that just because he beat Galactus to within an inch of death (The Earth-552 Galactus is not a Fighter or a Destroyer like his Earth-616 counterpart, he's a kind, loving and tender-hearted Healer who would rather die than resort to violence.) I say it because The Anti-Surfer (as I'll refer to him from now on in order to distinguish him from The Silver Surfer) tore every world he came across apart literally without hardly any resistance and wiped out everyone who lived on those worlds as well.

I mean all that was left of Earth was a huge debris field, sure some cities and a good portion of The Baxter Building were left intact but there was no one left. All of Earth's Heroes and Villains were destroyed in a matter of minutes. I've seen The Silver Surfer tear huge alien armadas asunder in that amount of time but never have I seen him single-handedly tear planets of all different shapes and sizes apart like The Anti-Surfer has. But I am not saying this would be an instant KO type of battle for The Silver Surfer, we all know what Norrin can do and I am sure he could give The Anti-Surfer a run for his money, but in the end I think The Anti-Surfer would win this. What do you guys think?
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SS of 552