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Battle takes place in Opal city 




 Opal City
BFR is off, both are unaware of what the other can do , Shade is not current (good) Shade and is at his full power (much like after pulling all of Culps powers into himself) Alucard is at the same power level as the start of the Manga Not the end....  I am really doing this battle as I saw one similar on another website and wanted to see if others thought the same. I think this is closer then most may think!!!
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You placed this in the RPG forums.

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@ComicMan24: No I didn't shifty eyes... runs off XD 
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@Final Arrow: Yeah, I was probably wrong.
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Allucard with zero effort

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Shade should handle this succinctly.

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Shade just fought off a bunch of gods in his maxi series, but even before that, guys like Dr. Fate was respecting Shade's power and was said to rival Spectre. Shade is NO joke. I don't know how powerful Alucard is, so can someone list a few feats?

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Shade will banish him.