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Okay who takes this 2 vs 2 all out battle ? The fight takes place in New York City and both team know they are coming.

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Id have to go with team 2, just better all round.

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Wow I cant believe it took 4 years for someone to actually post on this thread...WOW!!! Unbelievable.

I'm going with team 2 here...Joker carrys weapons such as guns and penguin and riddler dont have weaponary deadly like that.

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@IZZR said:

Id have to go with team 2, just better all round.

Haha that's some major necrophilia there, mate. I agree on the answer though, team 2 just outclasses team 1.

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What can the Riddler do? Of course he can have the Joker and Two-Face walk into a death trap. But in combat, what? The Joker can use his guns, gadgets, and toys against his foes. The riddler can...Well, make riddles... The riddler is a boring character anyway.