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Setting- Alternate universe w/o any super powered buddies (especially Manhattan). Vietnam war; Frank Castle and Eddie Blake are the last remainig survivors of their platoon.

Their mission; to capture a pivotal village suspected of trafficking arms. After all the original bad guys are taken care of, Castle takes a moment to himself to finish writing a letter to his wife and kids.

Not long after his first paragraph is he interrupted by the screams of a local village girl as she tries to keep the Comedians' sexual advances at bay. Castle quickly rushes to her aid, tackling Blake and smashing through a thin wooden wall into a large armament cache room.

The mood is set, and only one of these two is ever going to set foot on American soil again...

Special note; The attempted rape was primarily fabricated as a plot device to initiate conflict, so if you MUST argue that Castle has added momentum because of his personal beliefs, please estimate that Blake is just as pissed that he was interrupted in the first place.

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Castle all the way. I believe he single handedly took out a platoon (?) of VC.. Comedian really didn't show off any particular skill other than being a scumbag.

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Apparently he rocked Ozymandias when they first met, but then again, that was a young, inexperienced Ozy. 

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@texasdeathmatch: Obviously... I mean look at who killed him right?

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Punisher curbstomps.

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I don't recall Comedian having very many notable feats(you're welcome to prove me wrong), whereas Frank has consistently taken on multitudes of people. 616 Punisher takes it with ease, MAX Punisher stomps.

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punisher for the win :]

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Yeah, I kind of felt this was how it would turn out, which is understandable. I guess I was just curious to see if anyone was going to pull a "Comedian makes a joke and 'frisbees' his smiley face through Castles brain". {:~P

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The Punisher for the win
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Man if it were a shooting pregnant woman competition Comedian would totally come out on top.

Yeah, Punisher wins easily.

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The Punisher could win with just a knife.

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Blake gets punished fatally.

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Punisher stomps. It's not about the feats, but the amount of pain the Punisher is able to take, without giving up. He seems to have an endless motivation, no matter in which shape he is. Can't say the same for the comedian, who is basically only a Vietnam vet, while the Punisher is so much more.

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15 years after the war Comedian is a sloth and being chucked out of windows. Punisher is still in prime shape and throwing people out of windows. No way does Frank lose this at any point in their lives. Comedian will be lucky if Frank takes him out quick. I'm hoping there is a stream around somewhere =D

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@Vampire_Batman: Yes, he did:

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Check out the other "Respect Punisher" videos made by MWK.

Punisher wins,without shadow of a doubt.

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Pwnisher pwns him... Comedian is just a cheap amalgam of Punisher and Joker anyway.

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The Punisher I believe =)

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The Punisher. He is the MOST underestimated hero in marvel.

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@HolySerpent said:

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Punisher stomps assuming he gets to a gun first. A very slightly tougher fight if he can't.

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@shadowknight666: Either way, Punisher wins.

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@majestic99: Yeah i gotta agree but If comedian can grab a gun a first he dies slightly slower but not a lot. Punisher murders him either way though.

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@shadowknight666: Punisher is one of the most underrated marvel comicbook characters(who doesn't possess superpowers).

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@majestic99: Yeah if it wasn't for the fact marvel needed to keep they're villains alive he would've killed off quite a few suervillains

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This dude survived a fight with the new Vulture. He's taken blows from Venom, wolverine (even with the bone..that ish hurts). Punisher shoves what ever Comedian was planning to use on Him, up his backside.

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punisher finishes the rapist with ease people i think comedian is okay but nothing compared to frank.

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and that is true punisher is so underestimated he is a pure awesome hero :D i would say possibly my fav infact

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The Comedian is underestimated as well, He also fought in the Pacific as well as Nam and he was in the black ops after Nam. He was in great shape at the age of 65, I dont know anything about the punisher but since hes got more stories and is likely to have more feats he will probally win.

The Comedian shot kennedy which was a pretty damn difficult shot many believe its impossible.

And in before watchmen he picked a man up and threw him over a set of stairs but Before watchmen and Watchmen clash, In before watchmen the comedian is freinds with the kennedys and had nothing to do with there death, while in Watchmen its strongly implyed that the Comedian was responsible for killing JFK.

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Punisher. Casually.

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Punisher is super tough and has way more feats to back up the claim that he will win,,but I've said it many times before,,watchmen is not your normal comic,,there's not super heroes on every corner and crazy superpowered men all around,,besides dr.manhattan that is. I'm taking punisher for the win but comedian is no slouch,,he lacks feats on franks level though

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Punisher FTW

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Punisher ftw

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The Punisher is possibly the most overrated hero in Marvel...

However, Castle wins this one.

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Punisher stomps mismatched

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Punisher has this.

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The Punisher is possibly the most overrated hero in Marvel...

However, Castle wins this one.

Don't see how.


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Punisher all the way. This is like comparing a Green Beret to a farmer with a BB gun.