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Ok so the fight takes place in abandoned warehouse the punisher has 2 days prep time and has 2 desert eagles with 2 full clips a flamethrower and a katana sword and a AK-47.

Standart One above all

Morals off

both are bloodlusted

Will the one above all get punished or will the punisher lose

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lol Lock this thread.

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@matt42: Please read the forum rules, threads like this can and will get you in trouble if you continue to make them. Pay attention to this rule specifically.

Do Not Use Unbeatable Characters

Simple rule and one that should be obvious as it falls under the spite thread rules, but I'll spell it out so everyone can see it. No more using omnipotent characters. By using characters like TOAA, Bugs Bunny (just cause the fact of his toonforce being ridiculous), Presence (or Over-Monitor whatever), MoM etc, we don't get debates. We get either a stalemate between omnipotent characters, which lacks a debate as they can't do anything to each other, or destroys any other character(s) even if you stack abstracts against them. If you can't feasibly beat a character then don't use it. If you see someone using essentially unbeatable characters like TOAA or ridiculous toonforce capabilities like Bugs Bunny, flag it. Even if the character is created and falls under the category, flag it. These threads offer nothing and clog up the forum.

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