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Both men are infiltrating a Yakuza leader's fortress. They spot each other and the alarm goes off, and 50 yakuza thugs surround them. which assassin survives and managesto kill the other? 
Punisher:  two 50 caliber semi-automatic guns 3 clips 50 bullets each, machine gun 1 clip 100 bullets, combat knife, 3 frag grenades,  
47: Semi automatic Ballers 3 rounds 60 bullets each (i think), kitchen knife, SMG rifle, Fiber wire, 9 milimeter gun, assault rifle  

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Where is Agent 47 from? I can't find his CV page.

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from hitman (the videogame) I think punisher.

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Frank Castle.

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@gambit987: Ah, thanks. I've never played the Hitman games so I can't say who would win in this case.
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I'm saying Punisher, 47's not good with head-on combat
I won't be surprised if 47 gets killed by the Yakuza thugs before he can even reach Frank

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the whole setup is wrong...if you've played the games, you would know that he is never spotted.

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@the human Juggernaut: Psh, I mean I was caught numerous times dragging a naked dead dude across kitchens
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Agent 47 wins this, the guy killed The Russian President without even being spotted. Frank should be nothing to him, more like the guy that tired to pull out a mini gun on Agent 47 in Hitman: Blood Money and was owned.

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With this set up it's Frank. He's more comfortable with confrontation. 47 would be in and out.

I've never seen a .50 caliber clip that holds 50 rounds haha that's pretty awesome. I hope Frank's been working out.

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he doesn't need to change clothes to beat you

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47 would win, I will admit I am a little biased but there is a difference between a highly trained human and a biological creation meant only for killing. 47's ability to tank bullets and bullets is considered canon and he is definitely no slouch in hand to hand combat. His accuracy is perfect, He never misses a shot and is only limited by the inherent mechanical inefficiencies of whatever weapon he is using. In the case of his custom .45 Silverballers that is virtually none. He never tires and is always thinking at all times as to what is the best way to tackle a situation.

The way I see this going down is that 47 and Frank shoot up most of guards, 47 sneaks off amid the confusion while Frank is distracted with finishing off the last of the guards. He then proceeds to kill Frank and any remaining guards before Frank has a chance to change strategy, I could see Frank pulling a few wins out as well with his top notch training but still...

7/10 for the worlds deadliest assassin.

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I going with frank..this is more his style..47 is a silent ghost killer,,head on battle is castles milieux

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@the human Juggernaut: agreed

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Agent 47 is just to Dangerous. Punisher may be bas ass but 47 is a force to be reckon with.

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Agent 47 for the win.