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The tyranids, orks, chaos space marines, dark eldar, and daemons are currently pushing into the star wars galaxy's core worlds slowly and slowly *currently they are 100 light years in*

The necrontyr with their infinite velocity drives make a surprise assualt on coruscant to wipe out the Galactic empire so that they cannot assisst their allies.    a few dozen dreadnaughts are followed by 100,000 necrontyr Tomb battleships which in turn are followed by millions of smaller vessels, vs a equal number of equally sized ships of the empire.  

Meanwhile on the ground the monoliths land and bring in a army of 10 trillion *long scale* necrons against the entire population and the massive Imperial army stationed there.   The C'tan are busy and cannot assisst in any means besides strategical decisions.

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lol, coruscant becomes a tomb world.

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This battle is stupid, if the entire Star Wars and Halo universes can not beat Warhammer 40K, what makes you think Corsucant can beat even the Necrons.

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The Imperial Guard piss their armor and run.  But they're just not fast enough.